Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Treats with a Twist!

Working with children and having a nephew are two very important reasons I thought it was necessary to look into changing the way I present Easter to them this year. Normally with my duckies from work, I will buy them an Easter related children's book (thank goodness they love to read), and for my nephew I just get him toys or Easter games, nothing extravagant, as I don't want them getting used to associating gifts and junk food with Easter (a very special religious holiday on its own). This year, although I know I am going to have to deal with the fact that my grandmother is going to have her annual Easter egg hunt in our house with eggs that are filled with money and chocolate lol, I am going to attempt to do something different for my nephew and the kids at work. I don't want to deprive them completely from their "treats", but I am going to do the best I can to knock out most of the toxins and "garbage" that comes with most candy.

I found this website through some online research that is called the Nature Candy Store. You can access it by clicking here. This website is pretty much a Candy Junkie's Heaven, they have everything from natural cotton candy to natural gummy snacks and caramel. My nephew will still get to rip open his Easter basket and have his candy, but will instead be eating something all natural, leaving my mind and his little growing body at ease haha 

Some of what they have on the website include :

This Large Easter Egg filled with Natural Treats is $19.95 and got a raving review on the website! They also offer one that has all Vegan Candy.  For more info Click here!
Another alternative to filling their Easter baskets with mounds of candy, organic or not, would be throwing in reading books pertaining to Easter, activity pads, an Easter related children's DVD etc. This is another way to put the emphasis off of the whole candy aspect, and still share Easter related things with your loved ones!

Also, its important to remember that your child, or those children you will be sharing Easter with this year won't remember if the candy was "good" for them or not, or even how much candy they got BUT their little bodies will, and you will be doing them a favor down the line by making a smart healthy decision today.

I thought it was so handy that this website, as well as others out there I'm sure, give parents, and caregivers in general, options that assist in maintaining a healthy balanced diet, but that also allow the child to still indulge a little. Nothing screams hyper more than a giant chocolate Easter Bunny. The less the additives the better!

*You can also buy these natural candies separately and create your own little Easter basket, use your imagination! xox

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