Monday, April 18, 2011

80% of Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size! Are You One of Them??

 Did you know that 8/10 women are wearing what they "think" is the right bra size, but its actually not? I am a victim of this myself, so if this targets you, don't worry you're not alone! It is very easy to think a bra fits if it keeps your ladies in there securely, but there is way more to it than just keeping them in there. Not wearing the correct bra size can be very harmful and painful in the long run. Some of the negative things that can come from wearing a bra that is either too big or small on you are:

1. Back pain
2. Abrasions on your shoulder area from straps that are too tightly adjusted to compensate for heaviness
3. Headaches
4. Tingling in your arms and or neck
5. Breast pain and trouble catching your breath.

These things may seem a bit extreme, but if something doesn't fit, it just doesn't fit and these things an ALL happen if not treated properly. The same way women get "muffin top" with pants that have a waist that isn't adjusted to fit properly, women can get "muffin breast". This is when the cups of your bra are too tight around your breast and cause a bulge, sadly I see this VERY often and I think to myself, "doesn't that women feel any type of pain?!". 

The CBS Interactive Business Network published an article a few years back stating a few signs that you are not wearing your proper size bra. They listed :

1. Spillage -If your breasts spill over the top or sides of your bra, increase the band and/or cup size.
2. Puckering -If cups wrinkle or pucker, choose a smaller size.
3. Riding up- A bra should fit snugly. If it creeps up in the back, trade it in for one with a tighter band.
4. Jutting- The under-wire isn't flush against your rib cage; it should be.
5. Grooves- If straps dig into your flesh, try a style with wider straps or a different cup size -- either bigger or smaller.

Now that you are probably thinking, "wow one or all of those apply to me", let's show you how to FIX it!

You don't have to rush into your nearest bra store to get measured, although after measuring yourself, you may find yourself there buying a whole new size haha It is an easy few step process that you can do right in your own home. There are many different techniques to doing this, I however, have found that this is the easiest one that works for me. All you need is a tape measure that can easily wrap around your body (or even use a string!).

1. You can throw on a comfy bra, nothing with rhinestones or lace ladies lol something comfy and one that doesn't give you an absurd amount of fake cleavage. I often don't even use a bra, but one of those workout camis or a sports bra for this step as I feel it gives me the closest to truth measurement.

2. Next you want to measure around your entire back. For this I take the measuring tape and wrap it around my rib cage directly under my breasts and all the way around my back. Write down those measurements and add 5 in. You now have your chest size.

3. Now to measure your cup size, wrap the measuring tape around your back again, but this time meeting in the front at the fullest part of your breast, which is often the middle. Write down those measurements.

4. Here's the fun part, I'm sure at this point you have noticed the difference in the cup and chest measurements. The larger the difference, obviously the larger your bra size is going to be. Subtract the two measurements and with that number you are going to do a little matching with the chart I give you below.

If you have gone: 
up to 1/2 inch = AA
1/2 to 1 inch = A
1 inch to 2 inches = B
2 to 3 inches = C
3 to 4 inches = D
4 to 5 inches = DD/E
continue in this pattern if you exceed a DD/E.

I really hope this helped you all, wearing the wrong size bra is not only uncomfortable but totally UNNECESSARY! Be proactive in always maintaining your health as a woman, a strong minded, healthy woman is something we should all strive for :)


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