Monday, April 25, 2011

Haircare From Shower to Out The Door!

This is going to be a complete list of things I use on my hair from fancy days to casual work days. Some I don't use everyday, but I will describe that below. The things like shampoo and conditioner vary monthly since I love trying new things, but this is what I am using at the moment :)

Hair Type: Normal,
Length: approx. 3 in. from my waist, LONG I know! haha
How often do I wash it?: Once every other day
Colored?: Once or twice in the past but not in years
Natural Color: Dark Brown
Curly or Straight?: Straight but a little wavy when out of the shower before styling and drying
Problematic parts: I love letting my hair air dry, but get a some frizz, my hair sure loves frizz!

Ok let's begin!

What I use in the shower:

Shampoo at the moment:
I use this every other day when I wash my hair. I got the Moist one because it supposedly adds more moisture, haven't seen a difference per say yet though. I do love Aussie products though! You can find this product here !
I use this shampoo once on the weekend, every weekend. It is a clarifying shampoo, which everyone should own! It gently helps to breakdown all that hair product and residue that other haircare products have left on your head that may not be visible to the eye. It's like a fresh start every Monday morning! You can find this product here !

Conditioner at the moment:

I picked this up at my local Target and I love it! It smells so good and leaves my hair so soft. Does it help deter breakage? I'm not so sure of that, but overall I do really like this conditioner. I use this every other time I wash my hair. 

This is what I use every other time I condition my hair when I'm not using the Pantene. I love the smell of anything coconut for body/face products, and I really do like that this is a light conditioner (feels like you don't have conditioner on your hair in the shower) but really does its job of hydrating my locks! You can find this product here !
Out of the shower stuff:

Hair Tools:

I use a wide toothed comb to brush my hair initially after drying it with  a towel. I find that this creates less tug and pull on any possible trouble spots, and leaves less breakage. You can find combs like this here !
My Arrojo paddle brush, which I mentioned in a previous blog that has a more in depth review of this, I love! I use this brush after blow drying  my hair dry. I brush through my hair to make sure it is smooth and ready for styling. I also use this brush when trying to secure any fly aways while making a pony tail or putting in a headband. You can find this product here ! They also have a sale on the website that gives you 25% off purchase of $30+ with code HAIRCARE 
I hate that I couldn't find a better pic of this brush that I love so much to show you guys. The one I use is a 1.5 or 2 in. I believe. It uses infrared technology to blow dry your hair in 50% less time, and I can truly attest to that being true. I love that it also leaves my hair straight and shiny, which is something I always look for in a brush. Read more about it here !
You guys know how I feel about my heat tamer spray lol I am a faithful user of this stuff EVERY time I style my hair. I definitely don't experience anywhere near as much heat damage on my hair since using this stuff for the past few years. The heat damage that my hair was undergoing wasn't noticeable until I started using this stuff and saw that I wasn't getting split ends nearly as soon anymore. Anything that keeps my hair healthy is a holy grail in my book haha You can find this product at Target for under $4, here !
A year or so ago, my favorite Hot Pink blow dryer broke :( Truth is I only got it because it was pink haha But onto the next it was for me. The day it let out, I had half of my hair done, so I used my grandma's blow dryer to finish the rest of my head. Let me say, WOW, what a difference this blow dryer made in my hair compared to the other side. It left my hair extremely shiny, and dried it in NO time! I was shocked. This baby packs 2000 Watts, my other one was only 1875, as are most, and although is a little heavier than I am used to, TOTALLY worth it! I love the heat settings and fan power buttons too! Great blow dryer in my opinion! You can find it here !
My Arrojo Creme is a key styling product that I use when doing my hair to go out. On an everyday basis, I try and use as least product as I can, so I don't use this, however I always use it for nights out on the weekend etc. It just gives my hair that extra staying power after blow drying the flips in my layers :) I apply a tiny pea sized amount and rub between my hands and apply sparingly on the ends of my hair at where my layers separate. Smells great and looks great too!  You can find it on the Arrojo Website Listed above for the Paddle Brush and get the same great sale!
Love this Hairspray, it is a bit expensive (I recommended the Tresemme Tres Two one which is highly comparable to this one in my eyes) but I don't use hairspray very often at all, so this will last me FOREVER! I use this when teasing my hair or to strap away those baby hairs that I have oh so many of lol This is definitely a very securing hair spray, which I love! You can find this at any Target store and most Supermarkets!
Ok guys, that about rounds up everything that I have ever used on my hair in and out of the shower lol I hope these mini-reviews were informative enough, I could write for days so I tried to keep it short lol  I am only writing about these products because I use them and have been using them for quite some time and also keep in mind that if you don't have a hair texture specific to mine, your personal results may vary. You don't need to buy expensive things to keep your hair looking its best (almost all of the things above are from department stores or drug stores!) I do however, on top of maintaining a healthy haircare routine) highly recommend getting regular trims as this will also keep your hair looking its best!

Love and Healthy Hair always,


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  1. Wow. I use the same Aussie shampoo, and heat styling protecting spray. I rarely put any sort of product in my hair, but I've always wanted to try a clarifying shampoo. :)