Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unique Ways to Spoil Your Favorite Woman in the World, Your MOM!

It's only about a week away from Mother's Day and if you are like me, you are scratching your head thinking of what you can do this year that you haven't done in the past! I prefer unique gifts over the ordinary ones, homemade is always the best, and a mother will always appreciate them, but sometimes you don't have the schedule that allows you to create an entire scrapbook of the love you have for your mother, from scratch. When time doesn't allow for this, there have to be other backup methods of keeping it unique, yet still fun and from the heart. Here are some of the things that I would personally gift my mother/grandmother.  Hopefully they inspire you, enjoy!

1. A Year of Wishes Candles

This candle set is so awesome! They come in a set of 12, one to burn each month, and come with one glass candle holder. They are unscented, which is actually great because some scents can be irritable, and the most fun part is that as the candles burn a tiny keepsake charm is revealed! A pair of tweezers to remove the charm are included as well. The candles are labeled with inspirational words such as fun, health, luck, longevity and effort. Along with being so pleasantly colored, these are awesome decorative pieces that your mom is sure to love! You can find these here !

2. Day at the Spa Basket

I love creating baskets for any occasion. Not only are they super creative, but are completely customizable to the person to which you are gifting, which makes it all the more from the heart! For Mother's Day I suggest creating a Spa basket. Sure, you could go buy a pre-made one, but those aren't as fun to give. For this all  you need is a pretty basket (craft store), some basket filler for the bottom (craft store), and all of the items spa related that you are going to include! I recommend including things like : bath salts, body butters, body scrubs, pumice stone for feet, body loofah, bubble bath, a candle or two, a bath robe (which you can also monogram for that added special touch!) etc. The fun thing about making this yourself is that you can add whatever your mother would like :) This is one of my favorite ideas for sure.

3. Floral Arrangements
Flowers, although you may think are so generic, can actually be quite the opposite. Instead of ordering an already arranged bouquet, head over to your local floral market and choose the arrangement yourself. I do this a lot for friends birthdays etc, because I find that I put things together that really suit the person I'm gifting. If your mother loves a certain color or flower, work from there. You can add all kinds of floral fillers, choose the vase you want, the ribbon, and the card and you're set with a one of a kind, made by you, floral arrangement!

On the other side of this would be getting someone who is talented in the floral department to put together a stunning arrangement. If you don't want to rely on your own creativity, and still want to give your mother the gift of flowers, this is your best bet. Contact a local florist for prices, delivery plans etc. Don't be afraid to shop around, quality is what matters on this special day! If you are in the Northern New Jersey Area, I have a great friend of mine who I would like to recommend for this special occasion. You can visit her website here !

4. Family Photo/Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo gifts are another thoughtful gift where your creativity comes in handy. I can't imagine a mother who wouldn't absolutely love to have photos of their children/family on hand at the switch of a button. For this you can purchase any digital photo frame of your liking, and let the fun begin. You will need to gather a bunch of photos of you and your siblings and or family members. It would be cool to get some really vintage ones maybe of you as a baby :) If these photos aren't already digital copies, scan them and upload them onto your photo frame using the software that came with it. Some frames even allow you to add music! You can really step it up and add music and organize the photos in a manner that it tells a story as the montage goes by!

5. Personalized Cookware/Apron
If your mom loves to cook or even bake (they sound like such mommy things to do right? lol) A personalized set of bake pans, cooking board and or a cute apron may just be the perfect Mother's Day gift. After all the years of your mother warming your tummy and your soul with her delicious home cooked meals, you can show her you appreciate her gift of cooking with these gifts :) You can even spice things up a little more by taking over the kitchen for the day and preparing all of the meals yourself, giving your mom a break! They have some awesome personalized cookware here !

Well there you have it! My top 5 picks for memorable, unique Mother's Day Gifts. It's not about being materialistic on Mother's Day that will win your Mother's heart, but about being creative and from the heart, whatever your budget may be. No matter what gift you give, be sure to seal it with a big ol' hug for your mama, she deserves it!

Hope this helped! To the lovely Mommies all over the world, xox

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