Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day Out With My Babygirl

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Temperatures reached the 80's, and it was sunny, yet held a slight breeze at times which was wonderful. I took advantage of having off from work this week to take my princess out to the park. She LOVES the park, what dog doesn't right? As soon as she saw me whip out my running shoes, she knew it was time for a trip right away. I love when she gets all perky and hyper when she knows its time to go outside haha Then show her her pink leash, forget about ittt, she goes nuts. The park closest to my house is one of the most beautiful I've ever been to. There is a huge walking trail around the perimeter of the entire park, and a bike trail, and a place for the kids and sporting events and things. We even have tennis courts and a rose garden! Below are just a few pics of the day I spent with Princess Ruby in the park, she really got her exercise worth, and I did too for that matter! Enjoy :) xox

Ruby enjoying the bright sun on the car ride to the park! I love how white she looks in this pic :)

After a LONG two mile walk, we rested on a park bench and drank some water. She was so out of breath it was so cute!

Mommy rewarded herself with a large cup of Ice Cream afterward, it was too hot not to! :) Yummyyy

I totally encourage staying active, although not all of us have the luxury of time to do so. With the nice weather approaching, definitely get out there and do something as simple as walking. Just walking those two miles in the park, I felt so good! My favorite RunTone sneakers definitely helped as well ;)

 Health and Happiness xox

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