Saturday, April 16, 2011

Basic Morning Face Beauty Routine

On a normal morning before school and or work, I will simply moisturize my face and apply lip gloss before I leave the house. There are other mornings, however, where I need to look a bit more polished and put together, and I like this anyway :) For my basic, even if I'm wearing no eye makeup, routine, this is what I do:

First I will wash my face, or in my case since I shower in the morning, I will thoroughly pat dry my face.

Then I will take a pea size amount of my VitaZing moisturizer and apply it all over my face being sure to spread any extra product that is on my fingers down toward my decollete area.

Next I will conceal whatever my VitaZing didn't with my Zhen Foundation Stick in Bamboo. I use a tapping motion with my clean fingers to apply this and be sure that it blends out evenly.

After that, I take my Garnier Dark Under Eye Circle Rollerball and roll it once back and forth in a half moon motion under my eyes. Again spreading with my ring finger around to the corners of my eye and downward.

Finally, I take my Kabuki Brush and my MSF Natural in Medium-Plus and lightly buff some of this powder all over my face from forehead to lower jawline area.

A mini review of these products:

Vitazing: I love this product. I find that it not only moisturizes my skin, but adds a radiance that I have yet to find in any other products. It also has an SPF in it which is great if you find your face left exposed to the sun during a day out etc. The Vitazing has a tiny bit of color in it, nothing too extreme, but I often find that it is just enough to perfectly even out my skin tone and never leaves me ever needing any type of foundation really. (I have never even tried foundation!)

Zhen Foundation Stick: I haven't found anyone yet that has even heard of this company, and I don't know how it isn't more popular! Zhen was made for primarily Asian skin tones, (yellow, olive undertones), I came across this while working in a beauty boutique for a short period of time and fell in love with it! Being that I have yellow undertones, I decided I would give it a try and I find that the Bamboo color is the perfect color for me. I love how easily it matched my skin and how easy I found it was to blend out. I have to order this online from now on because I cannot find this anywhere but it is totally worth it!

Garnier Dark Under Eye Circle Roller: I came across this in my local Harmon's Discount Beauty store and thought for $13 I would just give it a try. I don't particularly have dark under eye circles, but I do like to brighten up that area when putting makeup on. This is tinted, however I love how it brightens up my under eye so I don't mind this. If you are however a darker skin tone, this probably wouldn't be the product for you since they only come in one shade. I use this in a triangular shape under my eye and I love the results!

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural- I am the color Medium Plus, which is exact to my skin tone. This powder is light, and buffs out perfectly giving you a very natural matte look. I love the "not wearing powder" look, no one wants to look like they just sprinkled baby powder all over their face right? haha This sets my VitaZing and concealer perfect and leaves me looking radiant and very natural!

You can find these products here:

VitaZing - here
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish- here
Zhen Foundation Stick- here
Garnier Dark Circle Under Eye Roller- here


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