Sunday, May 4, 2014

Laser Hair Removal: My First Experience, the Good the Bad and the Ugly!

It's been a while friends! I figured I would take this opportunity to post about a recent happening in my life, the introduction of laser hair removal. I decided, after seeing the wonderful results on my best friend, to venture into this as well. Who loves shaving, waxing or those smelly depilatory creams?.......::crickets:: Yep, that's what I thought! haha I have shaved or waxed my whole life and to be completely honest, its time consuming and exhausting to keep up with, especially if you have parents whose genes you have make you somewhat of a gorilla in the hair department......sighhh lol

Let's break down my first experience as that's all I've had so far:

The Good:
  • I found an awesome deal online that allowed me to even be able to afford these sessions (6).
  • The location of the spa I chose was super convenient.
  • The spa was very clean and the staff were very professional and courteous, especially the laser technician who worked directly with me. 
  • Each session of 15-20 minutes for the area I chose, bikini. 
  • No irritation on my skin afterward whatsoever and overall felt more like someone was spitting cold water on me for most of the process. This could definitely be because of the Candela Laser they used. (Do your research on the best laser type for your needs! The Candela spurts out burst of cold air after each laser shock so it creates a more comfortable experience)

The Bad: 
  • There are some limitations to consider when getting laser hair removal like the fact that you cant have sun exposure 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your scheduled appointment.  As we approach summer, I will have to plan my outdoor sun activities accordingly. 
  • This process requires 6-8 sessions for 70-90% hair removal and it isn't completely guaranteed that it will work. 
  • Blonde hairs are usually not treatable so unless you have a dark hair follicle, you may not qualify.

The Ugly: 
  • Although the entire process is rather quick and semi-painless, there are sections of the area that will definitely be more painful---I think I screamed "Oh my God!!!" three or four times lol 
  • Without finding an online deal, the price of laser hair removal sessions can be VERY costly, upwards of $1000+. 
  • The smell of your own hair follicle burning is quite putrid....gross! haha 

Conclusion: Although this was only my first treatment and I hear the laser gets turned up next time, I am not hesitant to continue the process. In the grand scheme of things, it had minimal discomfort, definitely less than waxing and was so quick that it was over before I knew it. To think that 6 months down the road (6 sessions, 6 weeks apart), I could be virtually hair free and never have to shave or wax again is truly what eases my mind, that's enough to throw a party at the thought of it! lol I would recommend doing your research fully before committing as this is a medical procedure. Check places like Groupon, Living Social and LifeBooker for spa deals. From there, do your research on the spa on the BBB website and also places where real customers leave reviews like Yelp etc. Do research on the best lasers and once you've narrowed your options down call and see which places use that laser. All in all I recommend doing tons of research so you are confident when you're laying half naked on that table lol

I will update again in a month or so after my next session!