Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts at the moment:

1. I am loving that my Girl Scout Cookies are still in existence and that I have not devoured all 10 boxes haha I love the Do Si Do's what can I say?! Nothing I love more than peanut butter so a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter in between is heaven!

2. This whole possible government shut down issue is really putting a damper on my cheerful mood. Although I personally wouldn't be affected, I know many people that will be if come 12am tonight a resolution about the budget isn't reached. Meanwhile, of course those involved in coming to a consensus about this budget aren't going to be affected, which makes me even more upset because I guarantee if this was a matter of their income, they would be a little more quick in coming to a darn decision! hymph. If you would like to know a breakdown of what a possible government shutdown would mean to you click here !

3. I am really loving Harem Pants this Spring, I ran into a pair at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and they are still in my head! I am totally feeling the whole billowy, braided hair, harem pant, bell bottoms vibe lately. The 70's are definitely making a comeback this spring!

Worn in the correct size and paired with a cute shirt, these can look awesome. If not paired correctly however, you may just get a case of the "I'm wearing pants with a baggy crotch" hahaa 

4. As many of you probably already know who read my Facebook or Twitter, I am writing a family cookbook! This has been a dream of mine forever, I just never really had the motivation to get it started, and I thought it would be near impossible to complete, let me just say, it has been such a breeze so far! This is probably because I LOVE writing, so many people have told me I should be a writer, but I fear that if it turned into something that was my job, I may grow to dislike it, and I love it too much to risk that :) I'm so excited for my family, friends and my boyfriends family to partake in making this cookbook a success. I love cooking and would have loved to have had someone pass something like this down to me, so I'm hoping to do so with my children :) Here's a sneak peek of one of the pages of my book without giving away too much ;) ! xox

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