Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends/ Fashion Color Wheel

In Art class I remember learning about the color wheel, complimentary colors, warm and cool tones, hues etc. This can also be applied to fashion thank goodness because I was never quite the artist haha I'm going to give you a brief rundown of how to use the color wheel to enhance your sense of fashion, and help you when stuck in a rut thinking " can I pair this with that?".

Color Wheel Fashion:
I actually found an old HS notebook (I save EVERYTHING obviously lol) that had some notes from my art class, and luckily the whole color wheel sch-peel was included! Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding what colors complement other colors well:

1. Colors directly across from each other on the color wheel (ex. blue & orange, red & green)
2. Colors that are directly next to one another (ex: yellow & yellow-green, red-violet &  red)
3. Colors that form the shape of the letter "X" (ex: violet, yellow, red & green)
4. Colors that form the shape of the letter "T" (ex: blue, orange, and violet-red)
5. Colors that form a right angle (ex: blue & red-violet)

Black, gray, & white are hues that can be paired with pretty much anything, as well as a neutral color like brown, that can also look good with almost any color from the color wheel.

Spring Trends: 

Who am I to announce Spring trends right? lol I am no fashion guru, but I do a ton of shopping and spend tons of time browsing through fashion magazines etc, for the simple reason of predicting what fashion trends are going to be popping up soon. When I visited Europe a few years back, I remember seeing so many different styles there that I didn't see upon my return home, for YEARS! It's crazy how far behind the US fashion can be sometimes when compared to European Designs.  The trends listed below are my thoughts gathered from online research, tons of shopping trips, and watching footage from fashion shows displaying Spring collections for this season 2011.  Here's what I gathered:

1. Color blocking (which was actually in a lot last year as well, I love this so I don't mind at all!)
Gucci Spring Collection 2011
Color blocking is pretty much pairing together a series of bold colors that complement each other well by using the color wheel as a guide. As you can see, Mr. Gucci himself clearly used some of the tips about working with a color wheel in fashion that I listed above, didn't he? ;) haha I love what this collection had to bring, the vibrant colors used in this color-blocking technique are just fabulous!

2. Trench Dresses (Burberry is notorious for trench coats, picture this but in a dress form, lovely!)
This wrap style dress, with the signature trench belt makes this a perfect option for sticking within this trend. 
I love the simplicity of a trench dress, I have one from H&M, that I purchased last Spring actually, and I love it. It looks well put together, with that added edge of having a belt. Being cinched at the waist like this accentuates your delightful curves and gives you the perfect waist!

3. High-Waisted Flare Jeans (70's style baby! haha)

Absolutely loving this trend right now. I mentioned this being one of my favorite Spring pieces in a few previous blogs, but I must say it again, the 70's are back (well parts of them), and I'm loving it! I picture these with a nice chunky belt, tucked in button down or ruffle cami shirt, platform shoes & Oliver People's Jackie O' shades. Love it!!

4. Big Bangles (The more the merrier saying meets jewelry! haha)
Although the bangle trend isn't widely visible here, I had to include this photo because the model is also wearing one of my favorite Spring colors, CORAL! Check out her bangles as well, she has about 3 chunky ones stacked high and it looks fierce!

Ever since I was a young gal, I have always loved the sound of my grandmothers gold bangles. She has a TON of them and she stacks them high till no end. I loved the sound they made when she would write something or just move her hands, this is what I think started my obsession with bangles. I love this trend because it touches on something that I already love! The chunky stacked bangles really give any plain outfit some spunk, and add a pop of color where necessary!

5. Flatforms? (Flat platforms)
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011
I know what you're thinking, "what the heck is this woman trying to show me?" ---haha and I thought the EXACT same thing don't worry. I found these while doing some online shopping, and I was taken aback to say the least. At first look, they look like a normal platform shoe, but then I took a closer look and realized that they were completely flat! Picture wearing a chunk of the floor stuck to the bottom of your foot, at least that's what came to mind when I saw this haha Needless to say, from all of the reviews of this shoe, almost everyone raved about how comfortable it was, surprising I know. I will have to see another color/print of this shoe to really decide if I'm willing to delve into this trend this season. What do you guys think of this trend?

Remember, these are just trends, and who really determines trends anyway? I completely encourage everyone to create their own personal style and own it! You don't need to follow a color wheel or any rules to look beautiful in my opinion. I do, however, think its fun sometimes to try new things that you wouldn't have otherwise tried etc., and I feel that trend alerts like this give you some fresh new ideas :)

Fashionably Yours,

Alysea xox

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  1. Hi there! I am in sales for fashion accessories. People are always asking me how to put certain colors together or how to pair different things. I found your blog entry very helpful. I am going to put a link to this on my Facebook page ( for my customers. Very well written!

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  2. Hey Andrea, glad you liked this post! I will be sure to check out your Facebook page :)