Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 IMATS Comes to NYC!

So as some of you may already have gathered via my various tweets/facebook statuses, today I was so lucky to be able to attend IMATS NYC. This is the first time for two major things and I'm so happy that these two things happened in my area! One, IMATS sold out completely for the first time in IMATS history! Two, this is the very first time that IMATS has ever held its trade show in the big apple :) Thank goodness I purchased my tickets a while back or else I may have not been able to go. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, yet are still reading, THANK YOU! haha Let me explain. IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show. It is a place where makeup artists, or makeup "hobbyists", as I like to call myself, gather to meet one another and view up and coming makeup collections, as well as regular permanent collections for some of the top makeup brands. There are seminars, meet & greets, samples, EVERYTHING! If you have ever been to a job fair it is set up very similar to this, with each company having a set of tables etc. A lot of the tables are offer special promotions via discount etc. I purchased a lot of my items today at almost 40% off retail value!

After IMATS, my good friend Desarae and I went for lunch and I also managed to get in a little" thrifting", which I have to come to love doing lately! You always find the most interesting pieces at thrift shops! I stopped into this one thrift store on the upper east side, the name is slipping my mind at the moment, and I found some really cute stuff, but unfortunately nothing in my size blahhh :( I did however, find this book hidden in the back that had the most striking title "How to Meet Cute Boys" --hahahaha I gifted this to Desarae as a joke and she thought it was cute :) 

I am going to stop boring you with the details and get to the pictures :) Enjoy, and be sure to check out the IMATS in your area, and if you're from the tri-state area be sure to attend next years event which will be bigger and better I'm sure! xox

A cool table displaying some special effects makeup pieces for films, this one--CONE HEADS! hahah

It never fails, Desarae and I always manage to find ourselves in the back parts of every building lol SOOO many stairs!

I LOVE this show, I cannot express how much of a fan I am of this kind of art, these people are so talented!

JulieG and Myself at the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Table, such a sweet girl!

Some Special effects Makeup going on here, this model must have had extreme patience!

TATE! My favorite cast member on Face Off this season. I just had to stay and watch his seminar, I'm a HUGE fan of him and his work!

Tate and a Zombie that he created, her eyes were so super creepy!

Tate Steinsiek and Myself after his seminar, I'm such a groupie I know hahaha (look at the makeup blood on his hands! yukk lol)

My Delicious BBQ Chicken Nachos ! Yummyyy

The Book I bought Desarae hahah
One of MANY modes of public transportation used today. I'm all bused, and trained out!

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