Monday, August 29, 2011

My Favorite Fall Fashion Trend Predictions!

Hey guys, the last time I mentioned trends it was Spring, I feel as though Summer fashion is a bit "ehh", so I decided to skip that blog post all together. I LOVE Fall Fashion, it is perhaps one of my favorite seasons because I love the changing colors on the tree leaves, and I adore 99% of fashion during this time.  I love that I am again able to layer when the months get a little cooler, and I love that I am able to wear BOOTS!! :) It took me a while to compile these trends because after much research, I found that I didn't like a few of the predicted trends and I am certainly not going to speak about something I myself dislike. I finally got all of the trends together that I like and that I truly think are most easy to wear on a daily basis.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Polka Dots:

Whether it be sweaters, dresses or skirts, polka dots seemed to be one of the "it" things on the runway this year.  I think used in moderation i.e. just a clutch or a top, this trend can actually be very pretty.  The key with this is to be subtle however, no one wants to get a headache from just looking at your wardrobe, and with a busy pattern like this, overkill can do just that!

2. Mustard & Crimson Colors:

I for one absolutely adore these colors! I think they are very reminiscent of the colors of the leaves on the trees as the fall progresses.  I think they are fabulous for Fall fashion and I am glad that there seemed to be a lot of these colors on runways as well.  I love going bold and wearing a more subdued outfit color and then throwing a mustard or crimson shoe or coat on top to add a real pop to your ensemble! Give it a try :)

3. Maxi Skirts:

I know what you're probably thinking, "maxi skirts??". Well I have to say yes on this one.  I saw a few versions of the seemingly repeated trend from summer, and I have to say I can totally see how this is a great fashion item to bring you gracefully through the first few "awkward temperature" months of Fall. You can throw one of these on with a tank and carry a denim jacket around or a blazer for when it gets cooler.  These also come in many different fabrics, and picking up a heavier one would be smart for those colder days when you still want to feel feminine and girly!

4. Peplum Style:

Peplum is such a unique style, it reminds me a lot of vintage clothing worn in those old movies. I love the modern day twists on it though. Wearing structured clothing that cinches you at the waist is the perfect way to give yourself some sexy curves with no effort at all! I think it adds some  nice kicked up flare to a dress as well.  Anything that makes you look feminine and well put together is a plus in my book :)

5. Shoes-Tassels, Wedges, Patent Leather and Chunky Heels:

As you all know, I love shoes, any kind really haha Since we are talking Fall Fashion here, I will stick to these trends above.  We are seeing a lot of tassels, wedges, chunky heels and patent leather.  I love wedges, they are my favorite type of shoes because they are just so comfy!! A nice patent Mary Jane shoes is a staple in every girls wardrobe and I'm loving the way the tassel really brings almost an office look to the shoe! Very chic!

6. Chunky Sweaters That Scream Cozy:

You know what I love? Clothes that make you feel so warm and cozy :) These sweaters will do that for sure! Who doesn't love a nice chunky knit sweater to snuggle into in the cold Fall evenings? These sweaters can be paired with a nice pair of jeans and a pair of chunky heel ankle boots for the ultimate chic styling :)

Well there you have MY personal favorite Fall Fashion Predictions as predicted by runway fashion magazines.  These aren't the only trend alert predictions out there, the others just didn't float my boat as well as these did lol I hope you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to doing another one of these for you guys next season! 

To Staying Stylish and Exquisite, 



Monday, August 22, 2011

Bachelorette Dinner OOTD :)

I am the 2nd one in from the left for those of you who are new to my blog :) I had an awesome night having dinner with these ladies. The bride is my soon to be aunt and I am so honored to be her Maid of Honor!


H&M black bodysuit (SOOO comfy and fits stunningly well :)
Patricia Field Black Studded Belt to cinch my waist. Although this isn't found on her website anymore, I got this belt because it is the exact one that SJP wore in the Sex and the City movie! You can see it here:

My shoes, which can't be seen are from Steve Madden called Glaamm :

I am also holding a black Urban Outfitters Clutch!


Lipstick: Neutrogena Moisture Shine in Poppy Red - My FAVORITE red lipstick!
Eyes: Naked Palette
Bronzer: MAC Refined Golden
Blush: NARS Orgasm (just a smidge)
That wraps up this quick OOTD, hope you enjoyed!

To all the Summer Brides out there and all of their brides/maids of honor,


What Have I Been Up To??......VACATIONING! :) Take a look!

As my subscribers have maybe noticed, I have been missing from blogger for the past few weeks and then again before my last post I was missing again for a while. Well, let me say, it is definitely NOT because I hate blogging, as a matter of fact, I LOVE it! I have decided, however, to take a break now and then to concentrate on some fun things like vacationing with my family and boyfriend :) In the past 30 days I have been to Puerto Rico TWICE! The first time I went with my boyfriend and his family, the second time I went back to bring my sister for her first time, what an experience both of these trips were.

Although this is not a beauty related post, I do like to include a personal post here and there to not be so monotonous, after all I want you guys to get to know the person who's blog you're reading :) Below I am going to attach a few pics of my recent vacations. I will include where I got what I am wearing for certain occasions, whichever I can remember.  Hope you enjoy!

Top: Express

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Banana Republic, Sneakers: Nike

Top: Pac Sun, Shorts: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

I'm on the left wearing: shorts from Forever 21, top from Pac Sun, flip flops from Havaianas

Yes, there are a ton of horseback riding photos, what can I say, I love horseback riding! haha :)

Unfortunately my vacations are over and back to work I go :( Hope you are all enjoying the rest of the month!

Warm Tropical Hugs and Smiles,


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's In My Bag TAG

Hey guys, so I recently filmed a video with my sister doing the "What's in my Bag TAG" and I am going to link it below in case you all haven't gotten a chance to view it. It was really fun to do because I found some things in my purse that I didn't even know were there! haha My purse is huge so I often find myself losing things in there along the way, I refer to it as the "adult barney bag" haha

Here are the top things that, if I had to clear out my entire purse, I couldn't live without (or easily anyway haha):

1. Mase- as a female, I find, it is always good to be on alert for a predator. This may sound dramatic to some, but as a female who takes night classes, I find that having this on me always makes me feel a little more safe. It's on hand, should I ever be accosted and I feel good knowing that my dainty arms won't be the sole means of defense! haha I was gifted my pink one from a Police Store Owner, but I'm sure you can find some online or in a work shop/sports store?

2. Anti Bac/ Lotion- These are always great to have in a travel size. I work with children a.k.a. the place where Germs have a field day!, and I must whip out my little pocket-bac 4-5 times daily. It's a life saver for the kids and myself alike. The lotion is another thing that is super handy, although I will be having to switch the overly scented one I currently have in my purse out because of the fact that I have realized it induces unnecessary headaches. I wash my hands very often, again working with kids this is a MUST, and I find that dish soaps/bathroom soaps leave my hands dry and rough. Why worry though? I have my handy dandy travel lotion on me :)

3. Chap Stick/ Lip Stick/Lip Gloss--Who likes cracked lips right? Well you won't have to worry about getting those if you have a good (SPF preferably) chap stick in your handbag! Also, carrying one staple lipstick or lip gloss on you is a life saver. Some nights I find myself having dinner plans after work and I am in such a hurry I don't have time to stop home to freshen up my makeup. This is when my staple lipstick comes in handy. Throw on a fresh coat of "lip polish" and you look good as new :) I love this trick!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I lug around in my ridiculously ginormous bag everyday, I really do have to work on getting a smaller one, its become as if I am carrying a carry on luggage everywhere with this thing lol

I am working on doing some more videos to accompany my blog posts, I think they are more fun to view/read :) My apologies for not posting in over a month! (feels like longer)..I was on vacation and also just really busy recently. I am getting in the routine of things again though and have lots of fun videos/posts lined up! Let me know if there is anything that you would be interested reading/viewing.

To all the other women of the world who carry "adult barney bags",