Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Duckies Are Backkk!

The children I work with went on vacation this past week as it was their school Spring break. They traveled to St. Thomas with their parents for 7 days, sounds like so much fun! I missed them so much when they were gone, sometimes they drive me up a wall, but its times when they're away that I realize how much I would rather have them drive me up a wall on occasion than not! haha I have grown so close to the kids, it all makes sense though, think about it, I'm with them 5 days a week almost all day. We do everything together, homework, play, dinner and I'm even there pushing them to take a shower lol Kids are so amazing, they really do teach me something new everyday, and I'm so lucky to work with them and have them back! Separation Anxiety was an understatement :)

S has joined a local soccer league and I am so proud of her for once again taking initiative and really diving into something new. She has played soccer before, but more at an intramural level, never competitively, and I'm so excited to see how she does this season!

J on the other hand refuses to partake in almost anything except kung fu in the living room. X-Box games and Harry Potter spell casting lol We are still working on getting him to open up to try some new activities, I think he's just at that age where he wants to only do things that his friends are doing, who knows. He is however still in swimming, as is S, and they are doing exceptionally well, which makes me very happy :)

During a day that the kids were bored, I made up a version of Twister that we played using the patterns on the squares on the rug instead of colored dots, although super innovative, they loved it! haha
S being the little fish that she is at the pool. Shes such a great swimmer!

Hugs, Smiles & a Nanny's warm love,

Alysea xox

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