Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Shoes Every Girl Should Have Ready for Spring!

Here on the northeast coast, the weather is absolutely frigid right now. In places like Florida and California, the kinds of shoes mentioned are probably able to be worn all year round and for that I envy my readers who live there! haha One of the things I am most looking forward to with the upcoming warmer weather is dusting off some of my "warm weather shoes". Below are a few of the styles of shoes that I cannot wait to break out again!

Spring Shoe Necessities

In the warmer weather I find myself at the local park for a weekend jog, doing some long walks with my pup or even just spending casual Sunday's out shopping. It is always good to have a great running shoe to prepare for this perfect outdoor weather. I personally love sneakers that have bright colors :) Another favorite are my casual day Converses, stylish and comfy, how can you go wrong with a classic shoe like the Converse?!

Sandals are perhaps what I wear most of as the weather warms up. Ladies, we can finally start to show those beautifully pedicured toes in our peep toe dress shoes! I also love a classic gladiator flat sandal, such a versatile shoe.

Rain Boots

::Sighhh::, with the Spring comes rain--remember, April Showers bring May flowers right?! haha There is no reason to look unfashionable just because it is a little wet out. Snatch up a pair of bright colored or awesomely patterned "wellies"/rain boots and you're set for some stylish dry feet!


Although I have a pair of closed toe nude pumps that I avidly wear in the winter, it's time to break out the peep toe nude pumps! They not only elongate the legs and make them look ultra sexy, but they pair so well with all of the fun Spring prints!


A classic espadrille---I LOVE the espadrille. It reminds me of being a sailor, could it be the roped heel detail? Perhaps, but nonetheless, the espadrille screams spring and summer to me. Casual, chic and a real effortless way to semi-dress an outfit up!

ballet flat

As I write this, I am staring over at my Tory Burch box. Yes, I am dying to break out my flats!!!! I love ballet flats, you can pair them with a cropped pant, denim jeans, shorts, dresses, you name it you can probably find a great pair of ballet flats to wear with it. Ballet flats come in so many fun colors and patterns that you can afford to "look the part" without having to bare the discomfort that comes with towering high heels ;)

I was going to turn this post into a post about all of the staple shoes that I feel a woman should have in her shoe closet, but thought maybe I'll save that for another time as I am in a real Spring mood! :)

What are the shoes you "must have" for the warmer weather?

Shoes Galore,



  1. Hello Alysea. I tagged you for beauty things I suck at tag. Can't wait to read your version,

    xoxo Nika

  2. I can't agree anymore with your post! All of these are perfect for spring!

  3. I'm definitely excited to be able to wear sandals without feeling like my toes will freeze off! I always enjoy a cute pair of flip flops as well! I love flats, but lately haven't been able to find anything comfortable enough to wear daily. I have to walk quite a ways to work so I'll be sticking with my comfy ankle and knee boots until the weather heats up!

  4. tennis shoes :) and what type of shoes are TOMS considered? I think those are comfy to wear now that the weather is getting warmer.