Friday, April 29, 2011

It's April Favorites Time !

Ahhh! I'm so excited to share this month's favorites with you guys because I am absolutely LOVING these products! Lets get right into it :)

1. Yes to Blueberries Facial Towelettes 

I previously mentioned these in a blog, where I gave a bit of a more thorough description of how these work. They are used to gently remove makeup, dirt and oil, and they definitely do just that. I switched up my normal Neutrogena Night Calming makeup removing wipes for these this month, and I have yet to be sorry that I did. They smell great, work great and don't leave that oily film on your face (that my Neutrogena ones do) after using them. They say there is no need to wash your face afterward, and you truly feel like there isn't! You can find these here!

2. LA Splash Creamy Shadow Base

While at IMATS, I picked up two of these eyeshadow bases to give them a try, and I definitely like them. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any photos of them, but you can check the colors out that they offer on their website which you can access here .  I purchased "Highlight" and "Smoky", complete opposites of each other. Highlight is a frosty light pink color, VERY reminiscent of Urban Decay's shadow in Sin. Smoky on the other hand is a dark frosty gray. I use them under shadows for that added color burst, and love using smoky for smokey eyes :) Highlight can also be used as a highlight :)

3. Victoria's Secret Kabuki Bronzing Brush

I purchased this kabuki brush a few months back, and really wanted to get a complete feel for the shedding and usage etc before I decided to include it in a favorites or not. I love that it is dense, the brush hairs are soft on my face, and most importantly, it blends out product well. Turns out, this is now one of my favorite brushes (we all know my ABSOLUTE favorite is my E40 from sigma ;) I use this for my MSF's and bronzers and I find that it buffs out very well for that perfect natural look. I grabbed this at my local VS for under $15!

4. Essie French Affair Nail Polish

*this is not my photo*
The photos of the polish on myself  "mysteriously" must have gotten deleted from my phone, I work with kids, so this is expected lol Oh well, I did however, find this lovely swatch on a skin tone close to my own so I borrowed this from another website :) haha I saw another woman at the nail salon wearing this and she was rather fair and this polish came out COMPLETELY different on her, so let me warn you in advance. I do love the color though. It is a very creamy carnation pink color, if you aren't used to working with nail polishes that are creamy like this, you may experience streaking, its that creamy! I love the opacity of it, and how springy it looks :)

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush

To say I love this blush would be an understatement, I adore this blush! After hearing all the rant and rave about it, I went to my local Sephora and grabbed one. I didn't swatch or anything at the store, I simply grabbed the one that looked like something I didn't already have in my collection, which at this point is hard because I have so many! lol When I got home and opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the color gorgeous on me, but the blush comes with a mirrored lid, which is awesome for on-the-go application. A deep Plumy Punch color is what this reminds me of with SLIGHT shimmers, that I don't notice so much on my skin as to where I feel like a disco ball, I hate that! This blush is extremely potent so a little definitely goes a long way with this, and it definitely lives up to the "lasts super long" hype. I applied it at 1:30 pm. and took it off at 11:30 pm and it still looked wonderful! You can purchase it here !

**I also wanted to include my VS lip liner in Nude in this month's favorites, but I could not find it online ANYWHERE to give your reference as to where to buy it online etc, nor any swatches or even photos of the darn thing! Its so weird....anyway if you're in a VS beauty section, definitely check out the nude lip liner, its creamy and a great nude shade!

 Happy Shopping in the Month of May! xox


  1. that essie color is gorgeous! i might have to go pick that up!

  2. Hey Vanessa, I totally Recommend picking it up! I loved it :) very opaque light pink, perfect for spring! Enjoy xo