Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That!

In my makeup collection, there are two palettes that are my most recent gifts. I love these both for very different reasons, and they are almost polar opposites of each other. The First would be the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Now, let me explain, this is MY FAVORITE palette of the ones I have. It's safe to say this is my "go to" palette. It has an array of different neutral shades that I'm confident could create a look for ANY occasion. I've done brown smokey eyes, charcoal smokey eyes, gold shimmery eyes, plum/brown eyes and so many more, all with this one palette!

The closed Naked Palette. The outside is so cool to touch, its a velveteen chocolate brown color :)
The palette opened up, comes with a double sided 24/7 eyeliner in Onyx & Whiskey & a tiny Primer Potion as well!! There are 2 Matte shadows in this Palette, third in from the left (Naked) and 5th in from the left (Buck). Virgin (1st on the left) is the best brow bone highlight EVER! :) (The new Palettes replaced the eyeliner duo with an eyeshadow brush)

*This palette is so hard to come by nowadays because it's in such high demand. I asked my Sephora to notify me when it became available and when I got the email I ordered right away and still had trouble reserving it! I suggest grabbing one if you see it, because you probably won't see them for long, and this is a DEFINITE must have for anyone's collection! The eye-shadows have a great payoff and they are a very decent size as well. To view its availability on Sephora click here ! $48

This next palette is also by Urban Decay (I think its safe to say I kind of love Urban Decay products lol) It's called the Book of Shadows III. I love this palette first off because its so uniquely packaged! It has a whole NYC cityscape with lights and a mirror.  Although this makes the packaging a bit more bulky, in my opinion, I think this is definitely worth the art work :) You will find much more bold colors in this vs. the Naked Palette. This is something I use when I'm going out at night and wearing something a bit more subdued. Personally, I never like to play up my wardrobe AND my makeup, it's one or the other.

Front cover

The artwork I was speaking of! How cool!! You cant see because of the lighting, but there are lights positioned throughout the scape :)

As you can see it comes with 16 shadows, all shimmer finishes except one matte black (always useful!) Comes with 2 eyeliners in Zero and Ransom (a pretty iridescent purple) and a tiny primer potion. 

*I love that there is a little bit of everything in this palette. There is still quite a few colors that can give you a neutral eye look, but if you're feeling bold you could definitely whip up something of that nature as well. The eyeliners are great, I have yet to have problems with smudging and I feel confident recommending them for the waterline as well :) Also, the color payoff is amazing, as with all Urban Decay shadows that I've ever used. Unfortunately, Sephora and Ulta no longer carry this product, but you can still find it on the Urban Decay website here ! $54 Happy Shopping! xox

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