Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here Ye, Here Ye-- I Present to You, Her Royal Madgesty, Princess Ruby!

Ruby and I do photo-shoots often, as you can tell shes LOVING this one hahaha

Royalty has arrived! lol Ruby is definitely Mommy's Princess, and I always keep her well aware of how amazing she is via supreme spoiling. Everyone knows I talk to her more than some people in my own family, yes I'm one of those. 8 years ago I was so blessed with her presence when my nagging brother finally got his way and was able to get a dog. He loves her, but lets face it shes a mommas girl so I took over primary care of her haha Ruby has many nicknames, most of which just I call her including, Rubina, Princess, Mama, Ruby Scooby and many more. Ok...ok lets get back to normality, ehh hem..Dogs are seriously mans best friend. I had always heard this before, but never truly became attached like this to a dog until Ruby. Shes such a bundle of joy. She greets you at the door, wags and jumps around, shes AMAZINGLY house trained, its astounding how short a time it took us in the beginning to teach her rules and commands etc. All in all shes just a pretty amazing dog, and I feel so lucky that we got to share our lives with her! <3

On a less brightening note, there are many canines out there (and other animals as well), who aren't as lucky as Ruby to have come across a loving home and shelter and food everyday. If you've ever visited an animal shelter, you know that as soon as you come into the sight of a needy animal, their eyes light up (I always ball out crying of course). No animal deserves to live their lives in a shelter on a cold cement floor, crowded with other animals. Every animal deserves a chance to become part of a family, and to share their lives with someone. Although Ruby didn't come from an animal shelter (mainly because my brother was younger and we didn't want to risk possible unstable behavior from an adopted animal), without a doubt in my mind, I will for sure have pets from animal shelters in the future for my own children, its an amazing gift to give to not only the pet but to yourself.

*If you are not able to shelter a pet for whatever reason, no worries there are other ways that you can help! It's as simple as calling your local animal shelter and asking them if they need anything i.e. food, toys etc. Sometimes they just need people to come visit the animals and play with them, my brother and I have done that before and it's so much fun! Either way act now or regret it tomorrow. xox!

To find out more about what you can do, and info on your local ASPCA click here & here, or just call your town municipal offices.

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