Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fork & Knife of Makeup!

Just as we use different utensils to eat and write, we also need utensils to paint the canvas called our face! Makeup is truly an art, they don't call em' makeup artists for nothing. I've seen some work done by artists that completely transform the clients look and I always thought it was so interesting. I do not want to be a makeup artist myself, but I can definitely appreciate their talents. For years I have been doing my own makeup, I started doing makeup that required more than two brushes Sophomore year of high school. The brushes I used were cheap to say the least, but hey I was just experimenting so I didn't want to go all out yet. In order to achieve a masterpiece you need to be patient, practice and most of all HAVE THE RIGHT UTENSILS (tools)! For the makeup connoisseur this would be brushes, all kinds, colors, and textures. This Christmas my boyfriend purchased me the best brushes ever, and I'm so excited to talk a little about them :) 

Sigma Makeup Brushes Complete Kit with Brush Roll. Click here for more info!

I can definitely say that these brushes, and any good brushes for that matter, make makeup application so much easier, and all in all more fun! I have yet to really use every brush, but for the most part I have tested all of these babies and I'm in love :) This is the perfect starter kit for anyone who does makeup on a daily basis or just for special occasions as well. Its easy to use and easy to store away nice and neat, something we all know I'm obsessed with haha Thanks Gerard! <3

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