Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chop it up! --My Favorite Salads

It's no secret that when I find a great salad I can eat it for months straight! At the moment I have two absolute favorite salads, both very different. My first one is a simple, three ingredient salad, the second one is a more intricate salad with many more little parts, both are equally amazing :) Lets get started:

Simple Salad

This salad is just one of the ones I always get, there are however many brands of boxed spring mix salads in the produce section of your grocery store. This salad has a pretty great taste. I don't like iceberg because I feel as if it has no taste at all. Spinach and arugula are just two of the things you can find in these boxed salads, and this beings such a fresh great taste to your mix! With this I grill a little chicken and cut it into pieces and throw it in the salad and top it off with my MIRACLE dressing. I say miracle because in my opinion this dressing can make ANYTHING taste good. I've used this dressing on steaks, chicken and salads and I love it more each time :)  You can add some croutons or anything else you may like but I leave it at this and its just as good.

 Chopped Salad

Next is my favorite restaurant salad. With a mix of so many things that I already love eating separately, this is fail proof for me. Included in this salad is corn, apples, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, tomatoes & romaine lettuce. All of these ingredients are chopped finely to perfection and tossed in a vinaigrette dressing. You can try this salad at The Cheesecake Factory :)

I hope you can add a little spice to your normal "salad regimen" (haha) by trying one of these! Enjoy xox

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