Monday, January 24, 2011

That's a Spicy Meat-uh-Ball!

Ground meat has to be one of the most versatile things one can have lying around the kitchen. You can make so many things with it just think. There's meatloaf, hamburgers, Meat sauce..MEATBALLS! lol One of my favorite meatball recipes comes from Teresa Giudice. My grandmother makes amazing meatballs, I was raised on them! However, I was looking for a different tasting meatball one day and I came across this recipe one morning while watching The Rachel Ray Show. These meatballs are juicy, optionally spicy, and so succulent not to mention that whenever I cook them at my boyfriend's house they are such a hit with everyone! Well lets get to the good stuff already, here we go.

Level: Intermediate (don't let this scare you though!)
Ingredient count: Approx 9 (this includes sauce as well)

To see all the details on how to whip up this fantastic dish click here ! Enjoy :)

 Just for fun, I think of this clip whenever I think of Meatballs! haha

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