Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lets Kiss & MAKEUP!

Have you ever gotten a sudden small breakout on a part of your face that you normally don't? Noticed some abnormal irritation on your face? This could in fact be from "dirty" makeup brushes! Makeup brushes can sometimes harbor some serious bacteria if not cleaned proper enough or often enough. These bacterias transfer onto your face and can cause blemishes and breakouts. Just as you wouldn't put a dirty toothbrush in your mouth, you shouldn't put a dirty brush on your face. Below I am going to show you a simple way to deep clean your brushes. Now this is just MY way of doing it, you can adapt your own way as well, as long as you're getting those babies clean! I suggest being near the sink as this will make things a whole lot easier and you will be using water.

What you will need: Sponge, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I learned this trick from a makeup artist!), Baby Shampoo, a dry cloth to lay your brushes on and paper towels or napkins.

First you are going to want to spread out your brushes on a clean dry cloth. You will be using this cloth later as well to lay them on for the drying process.

Second, grab some EVOO and drizzle a small amount onto a paper towel or napkin

On this napkin in a swirl like motion and swiping back and forth motion as well, you are going to work the brush through the Olive Oil. This conditions and gets some of that deep built in makeup out. You will often notice immediately, I definitely do, that tons of makeup comes off right away! I get so happy when this happens haha

 Grab a clean sponge and moisten it with some lukewarm water and add some baby shampoo (any brand).

 Next, take your brush and swirl back and forth in a circular motion on the sponge, creating a nice lather. This is another way of cleaning the brushes and also washes off all of the oil.When you are finished, rinse the brushes with the bristles face down in a light stream of water. work the soap out with your fingers.

You do NOT want water to seep underneath the metal part on your brushes! This will cause them to rust and you will get much less use out of your brushes before you find them falling apart at the hinge. Always work with your bristles face down!

After each time you use your brushes on a daily basis, you do not have to do this deep clean. I do it to my brushes every two weeks (I do not wear makeup everyday). In between though, when I do use them, I ALWAYS sanitize and clean them with a regular daily makeup brush cleanser. You don't have to use a MAC one, I just so happen to have this one. Any brand will work just the same. For this do the same method that you did with the Olive Oil and the Napkin!

Hope this was explained easy enough! Enjoy and remember a clean face is a happy face! xox

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