Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking for a Cause

 Hey guys, ok so I felt the need to spread the word a little about something I hold close to me, charity work. Ever since I could remember I have always been a pretty avid volunteer, and I cannot begin to express to you all how great it feels when I reminisce about some of the things I have done to give back to others. We all have those God given talents, whether it be working well with children, elders, animals etc, why not use them to make our world a better place? The things you do to give back don't have to be grand, but they will affect someones life, and that's what counts. Nursing homes, nurseries, cerebral palsy center for children, soup kitchens, charity walks, all things of those sorts are things that are easy enough to start and just some of the things I have on my "giving back resume haha". I am going to be keeping this blog updated throughout the year with a little information about all the charity work that I do, so that it can maybe inspire you guys to step out of your comfort shell and be the change you want to see in the world :)

Today I am going to be speaking briefly about the Multiple Sclerosis Walk that my boyfriend and myself will be walking in come April 2011. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which is ultimately the brain and the spinal cord. Throughout high school, I participated in this walk for a cause annually with peers and my grandmother. It's so fun to get out there and meet with thousands of other people who have just as kind of a heart as yourself. These people either have a family member who is suffering or has succumbed to the disease, or they are simply doing what I am doing, spreading the word. Making your community and those you care about aware of the disease and how it can affect yourself as well as possible preventative measures in some cases is crucial for putting a halt to the hundreds of thousands of new cases diagnosed each year. There is no minimum to walk, and hey walking is good for you anyway :)

I encourage you all to take a day out of your year, and for just a few hours do something positive to change the ever so growing diagnosis of this terrible disease. This disease can affect everyone, kids and adults alike, do something!

To find out more about participating in an MS walk in your area click here . If you are a personal friend of mine think about joining me on my journey by finding out more info here ! xox

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