Monday, February 21, 2011

Art In Motion, Inc.--- A Non-Profit Organization!

 A college friend of mine, Dacil Tilos, as well as two other passionate women co-founded this non-profit organization that ultimately deals with task of empowering children through dance to better themselves and their communities as well. Did you know that children involved in hobbies and things that they enjoy outside of the regular mandated schooling are often more likely to feel better about themselves and ultimately contribute something great to the world? When children are put with their peers and are given the opportunity to shine, they will! Unfortunately in Paterson, NJ, children didn't have this type of opportunity readily accessible to them. Art In Motion, Inc., is the first registered dance school in all of Paterson! Staffed by women who are well trained in their specialty, and armed with the determination to execute something wonderful in this community, this Organization is bound for success. Offering very affordable dance classes that include ballet, hip-hop & jazz, children aged 4-17 are given the chance to explore and express themselves, gain confidence and build strong bonds with others in their community. For more information on this organization please visit their website at !


  1. awwww! Thanks Alysea! Just a little clarification, we're not a dance school but we do offer programs in dance and hopefully soon other programs as well.

  2. Thanks for the clarification! :)