Friday, February 4, 2011

My Road to Smelling Delicious!

Its no secret women are kind of sort of expected to smell amazing all the time, c'mon now! lol The natural oils in ones own skin really determines what fragrances will smell best on you. For myself, I'm one of those "super loyal to my perfume" gals. I rarely venture outside of these three below and I have yet to get any complaints so I'm going to stick to it! :)

Daisy by Marc Jacobs: (left) One word, HEAVEN! This fragrance is feminine and not to harsh on the nose. Its one of those super pleasant smells that you normally catch yourself uttering in your head, "man I've got to find out what perfume that is". You can find this little bottle of bliss at Sephora or by clicking here !

Lolita Lempicka: (middle) This fragrance caught my eye immediately just because of the bottle! Seriously, how cute is that little purple apple thing!? lol This is the perfect mixture that I can only describe as a musky vanilla?? I'm not a "perfumologist" so bare with me and my descriptions of the scents lol This is the perfume that I have been wearing the longest, I'd say about 9 years! This can also be found at Sephora or by clicking here !

Juicy Couture-Viva La Juicy: (right) I started out with just a roller-ball of this perfume, I picked it up while waiting in line at my Sephora, you know those little "tease" containers that tempt you as you're waiting on line? lol Well yea they got me! I threw this in my purse and kept it for "emergencies". When this little baby ran out I definitely decided it was worth it to invest in the full size. Just in the nick of time my boyfriends mother bought me the entire gift set for my birthday this summer! I have worn this everyday since :) I would describe this one as something similar to my body wash, which says is "honey-suckle" and throw in some floral scents and voi la, you have yourself exactly what this smells like! You can find this at Sephora also (duh! haha) or by clicking here!

Happy smells :) xox !

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