Friday, February 18, 2011

My Favorite Staple Beauty Items Under $10!

I can honestly say I'm one of those people who will try almost anything once when it comes to beauty products. Sometimes it is in fact true, you are going to have to pay the price for something to really work. On the other hand there are one too many times I try something high end and think to myself, hymm this does the same exact thing as my "blah blah blah" one that only cost me 1/3 the price! I finally have it down pat as far as my favorite items that all fall under $10, and I thought I would share them with you guys :)

I am going to start off with my favorite all time beauty go to item for under $10, my Rosebud Salve! I have been using this since freshmen year in HS! I was introduced to it by a good friend of mine, and needless to say I almost always have had one in my purse since then, now that's almost 10 years :) Normally they come in a small round tin, but recently I've come across these tube ones and I think they're absolutely genius. You no longer have to get your fingers all dirty or leave unwanted bacteria in your tin. Rosebud Salve heals everything from chapped lips, dry skin, even diaper rash! It smells like pretty little rosebuds and isn't too greasy and gunky. Makeup artists all over the world rely on this on a daily basis to shape brows, heal chafed skin etc. Its a miracle worker in a tin/tube :) You can try this little bundle of joy out for just about $6.00. Click here for more info!

My almighty heat tamer spray lol There's honestly no need to spend a wad of cash on a good heat tamer, this one does the job very well and I've been using it for years as well. Its job it to shield your hair from any damaging that comes with heat ie. blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc. Just section your hair (doesn't have to be perfect) and spray evenly from the root to the ends of your hair and the shield goes up! haha You can find this at target for a little under $4.00!

Good makeup remover wipes that don't irritate my skin afterward or my eyes are hard to come by for me, someone with sensitive skin. When I the Neutrogena Night Calming makeup remover wipes out and found they did their job amazingly and didn't irritate my skin, I stuck to them! I don't wear makeup everyday so at $5.99 at my local Ulta I found this to be a steal :) Note: I highly recommend thoroughly removing all makeup before you lay your beautiful faces down to sleep. Through the night sleeping with clogged pores can lead to unwanted breakouts and blemishes! let your skin breathe and it will treat you well, its a give give relationship!

Recently I have been suffering from extremely dry skin and it has been so bothersome to me. I have tried different face washes and moisturizers, even ones that cost me up to $34, and no difference! My boyfriend swears by this lotion and only uses this, so I decided after his persuasion to try this one out. Although its not a face lotion per say, I was using it as a last resort method hoping that it would pull through for me. This lotion by far has been the most healing and soothing to my dry skin, even on my face! It does not irritate me, leaves me looking healthy and moisturized AND after using it for about a week, my visible dry skin was gone! Amazing I tell ya lol and for only about $3.99 you definitely can NOT go wrong!

Every girl should have an eyelash curler! This little tool changes the way your lashes look completely, and if you feel like your eyelashes look a little drab, this is the thing for you. I have been using an eyelash curler since before I was even allowed to wear makeup. Once you learn how to use one correctly and safely, any one should work just fine. My personal favorite happens to be my Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler. You can find this at target or any drugstore for about $4.99.

There you have it, my 5 Top beauty must haves for under $10. There are a ton more in my collection, but I figured instead of blabbing here all day, I would just choose the 5 that I feel like I use most often :) Enjoy xo!

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