Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ways to Use MAC Fix + & Love it !

Who wants to throw together a fabulous look and have it fade away as the hours go by?? Certainly not me, that's for sure. A while ago I discovered something I had been overlooking for years, MAC Fix +! This stuff is genius in a bottle. The older bottles, which some of you just may still be weaning off of, look more like a travel non aerosol hairspray bottle, no worries the same exact thing is inside there. I personally love that this is the newer packaging though, it is MUCH more user friendly as you can see how much product you actually have left, AND it has the lock on the top so no messy leaks when traveling etc. Ok, so at this point you're wondering what can I use this stuff for?! MAC Fix + has many uses, from refreshing your skin, setting your makeup, and even a mixing medium for pigments, shadows etc.

If you have ever used a MAC pigment, you know that sometimes using it without a mixing agent can cause immediate fallout and ultimately, the product ending up on your face ISN'T ending up on your eyes, where you want it. In my opinion especially glittery pigments (ex: copper sparkle) that have a lot of chunk definitely need this kind of thing. You simply spray a gentle mist (1 spray) onto your eye brush and tap excess liquid off leaving it kind of damp, then go about tapping it into the pigment etc. This will allow it to stick to your eyes much more easily. Use this the same way for shadows etc. You will also see a better color payoff in most instances!

On a hot summer or even spring day, sometimes you just need a skin refresher. FIX + contains glycerin which pretty much traps moisture it catches in the air onto your face so that its not dry and chalky. My FIX + also has cucumber extract which is used as an "anti-inflammatory" to tighten the skin a little, obviously this is never a bad thing haha Spring water is also a key ingredient and I think this simple thing is what makes me feel so refreshed, its like splashing water on your face after coming in from a day in the sun. All of these ingredients are wonderful for your skin as well!

Last but certainly not least, this is a great way to set your makeup in place. After you have finished your entire makeup regime, spray about two sprays onto your face, at a distance where its misty.  There you go, perfectly sealed in makeup that will last for hours without any visible signs of fading :) I hope by this point you are convinced that you definitely should own this little gem haha Its definitely a worthwhile purchase, its the gift that keeps on giving! :)

To find this (or their new lavender one) click here !


  1. Hi Aly, its flip I just want to say I love ur blog heheh ... but don't forget to mention how AWESOME FiX + smells.. <3 it def. something to invest it ... I also heard good things of urban decay setting sprays I forget what its called.. would love a product review.. hehe

    XOXO flip

  2. Hey flippperr, Mine doesn't actually smell good :( you may have the lavender one, I have the regular one that apparently smells like cucumber, but yea mine def missed out on the fragrance step while in the factory hahahhaha Yes! the Urban Decay one is called All Nighter, at least I think that's what you're talking about lol Hope all is well :) xox