Saturday, February 12, 2011

For the LOVE of Food :) Valentine's Day Meal with a Healthy Remix!

My Boyfriend has been on a health food kick lately as we all know going to the gym and eating a Big Mac is quite counteractive lol When you have committed yourself to eating healthy and cleansing your body of all yukky toxins, its really not cool to take a day off and binge just for the sake of love :) The only way you will "train" yourself and be successful when choosing a healthier way of life is to STICK TO IT! This being said, just because I can eat 5 Quarter Pounders and not gain a pound doesn't mean I should, nor should others. This Valentine's Day the mister and I are keeping it low key because its on a work evening. I absolutely love cooking and I figured why not prepare a special meal for him?! In sticking close to his new journey into healthy foods, I customized this Valentines Day Menu to be yummy but also health conscious. I did some online research and threw these things together for dinner. Lets get started :)

Appetizer: Edamame (low sodium soy sauce & salt optional) 
1 1/2 cup serving brings approximately 120 calories

Edamame are so great. Not only are they packed with soy, protein and fiber,  but they are  great snacking option as well to fight down those sugary cravings. Served as an appetizer in many sushi restaurants, they have always been a hit with the bf and myself :) These can be found in your grocers freezer or bought fresh, your choice!

Main Course: Lemon Thyme Baked Salmon
Each Serving brings approximately 315 calories and is packed with Zinc, Potassium and Vitamins D & B!

Lemon Thyme Baked Salmon is absolutely delicious! I often sneak a little garlic in there too :) Its simple in that it requires only about 5 ingredients, and if you get your salmon descaled and "de-skinned" (which I HIGHLY recommend) its a no brainer when it comes to making this dish. I know it may scare some amateur chefs away, but don't be intimidated, you can do this!  For a simple recipe click here !

Entree Side 1: Steamed Brown Rice
Each 1 cup serving brings approximately 216 calories

Brown rice may pack more calories than you were looking for, but compared to white rice this is a steal :) Its still bringing you fiber and also is jam packed with Magnesium, Selenium and all kinds of Vitamin B! My boyfriend often eats this with grilled chicken, another good alternative.  An easy brown Rice Recipe can be found here !

Entree Side 2: Mixed Steamed Vegetables
Each 1 cup serving brings approximately 50 calories!

Vegetables are great to throw with almost any dish, which is why I love them, their versatility! You can choose any vegetables you like or just one. The key is to steam them to perfection, there's nothing I hate more than soggy vegetables that have lost their gorgeous color! If you have a steamer great, if not some lightly salted water will do, steam just a few minutes checking on them often, and when al dente (still a little firm) remove them promptly, and here's the trick throw them into some ice cold water. This will stop them from cooking and getting all wilted :)

Dessert: Low Fat Ice Cream Topped with Fresh Fruit
Per half cup serving low fat ice cream brings approximately 120 calories

I know I know, you look at this and think what?! How can anything that looks this good even be considered for someone trying to not overdo it with the calories. Well everything in moderation can be done my friends :) Serve yourself small portions, and eat slowly (converse in between, this will take the concentration off of the food and assist in keeping you from scarfing down a whole pint!) Low fat ice cream can be a great treat, and topped with fresh fruit, an even better one. Fruit is always a healthy option any time of day. 

This is what will be going on the table tomorrow ladies and gents. I'm so excited as it all looks even more delicious as I blog about it haha This meal in total leaves me at approximately 900 calories give or take leaving room for your personal touches. That's not half bad if you ask me! I hope you all have a happy and healthy Valentine's Day with your loved ones. Valentines day isn't only for couples, but also to remember how loved each of us really are. Celebrate with your family, friends, anyone dear to you. Enjoy xo!

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