Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heroic or Not So Heroic Line? My Personal Thoughts on MAC Wonder Woman

Let me start off my saying, I have not personally tried every single product in the line, ex: the MSF's and whatnot because I didn't need any at the time of the launch anyway. I have however dabbled in a few of the items and am sharing my mere opinion with you guys about what I thought was worth it and not so worth it, but please, give them all a whirl yourselves and come to your own conclusions. What works for me may not work for you! Ok lets get started:

Athena's Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

Firstly, these darn lipglasses are HUGE! MAC really took the idea of Wonder Woman to a whole other level lol They will eat your other permanent lipglasses alive! haha That being said, one would think the more product the better, and on any other occasion I would completely agree, however, with this also came a huge applicator. I could literally almost cover both of my lips with one swipe, and I have rather nice full lips. The packaging is what you would expect, nothing out of this world. As far as consistency and color, the consistency is just the same as my other lipglasses, sticky (which I find makes it last longer so I don't mind that as much). The only other thing I think its necessary to mention is that I feel like MAC offers other lip glasses etc that are almost spot onto the same colors as these. They threw some new packaging on and decided to hike up the price of these babies to $20, NOT worth it at all to me. I did have a personal favorite though, which I almost bought because the color is so spring and fabulous to me, and that would be Athena's Kiss. What a beautiful Magenta color! ($20)

Heroine, Marquise d', Russian Red, Spitfire

These were just plain ol' lipsticks to me. They did go on creamy, like most other lipsticks from MAC, and did for the most part have a nice pigmentation. Personally brown lipstick like Heroine does NOT appeal to me lol I would never wear this, but maybe some of you can pull it off?! I loved Marquise d' which is a creamy peachy color, and although very sheer, I felt it could definitely work if built the right way. Russian Red, Oh Russian Red, I love a good red lipstick. This one definitely has a blue undertone and is matte which looks great on my skin tone so I LOVE! I just didn't like the fact that it wasn't a new red for the line (as you know Russian Red already exists in MAC's permanent line) ::sigh::. Spitfire reminds me again of my Athena's Kiss Lipglass favorite, its a nice magenta color that can work well (if paired correctly) with almost any skin tone that is more olive under-toned and darker skin tones. Overall I skipped this lipstick because I felt like it was nothing that I didn't already have lol ($15.50)

Bright Fuchsia, Marine Ultra
 There were only two pigments offered in this line, and believe me that was fine by me lol I always find MAC pigments awkward in that you only literally need a pinch to go a long way and they come in such massive amounts. It's not everyday I find myself wanting  to splatter pink and blue all over my makeup so I passed on these. I do however LOVE MAC pigments, but would recommend getting them from a site like this so that you can sample them out before being stuck with a hunk of powdery pigment that you don't know what to do with. With that being said, I would have to say pass on these unless you have just been absolutely dying for a pink and blue pigment, or are merely getting them as a collectors item, like most people have started doing with MAC Special Edition products.($21)

Army of Amazons, Victorious, Bad Bad Black, Themyscira

Oohh La La! I saved my favorite for last haha I love colorful mascaras, they add a pop of color to what can be drab makeup. I usually use my regular mascara conditioning base and then my black mascara but try and be careful enough to not really apply it to the tips of my lashes. I will then apply my colorful mascara just at the tips and it is just so beautiful! From this line I loved the Green and Purple mascaras, they are again huge but this could just be compared to my everyday L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. My favorite blue mascara believe it or not comes from Maybelline Great Lash in Royal Blue. It's only around $4.99 at the drugstore, perfect! Having said all that, I only purchased the purple one "Victorious". I really wanted to try it out for a few days before I went on a colorful mascara spending splurge, since these are only special occasion things. I would have loved the green, but the purple will definitely suffice! These are $15 and if you're just going to be experimental and try one, then I say definitely worth it since the quality is good :)

To purchase any of these and view their complete collection not mentioned in this post check it out here ! Happy Makeup Shopping xox!

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