Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Beauty/Health/Reading Favorites!


Above you can see all of the things that I chose as my "favorites" for this month. When I find something I really like, I pretty much obsess over it! haha There are a mix of haircare items/makeup and even my daily vitamins and an inspirational book I have been reading for a little over a month. Below I will say a little blurb about each item and ultimately why it made it into this post!

  1. Daily Inspiration for Women by Helen Steiner Rice: I have instagramed an excerpt from this book and I have also mentioned it numerous times on my twitter/Facebook, I LOVE this book! It is so small so if I am going away I can even slip it in my purse and it even has that little ribbon bookmark which may seem pretty normal to you, but I always lose my place in books without a bookmark! The daily passages are very short and to the point which I love. I read one each morning before I walk out of the door. I do this because at the end of each passage it poses a question that I like to reflect on for the rest of my day! I got this book from Barnes and Noble. 

  2.  Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque: I purchased this over a month ago and not only do I LOVE it, I also have so much left still! It is a bit pricey and I wasn't sure if all the "hubbub" about it could really be justified in the almost $30 price tag, but I am justifying it to myself because I only use it twice a week (or once sometimes depending on the pattern that I wash my hair) and because of that and how well I feel it works to make my hair soft and healthy I think this is definitely worth it.  *This smells wonderful too! I purchased mine off of www.soap.com , a partner site to one of my absolute favorite websites www.diapers.com amongst a few others. Here I find that not only can you find products like this a little cheaper, you can also find a coupon code! 

  3. Trader Joe's Women's Once Daily Vitamins: Long story short, I needed a new women's daily vitamin and it just so happened that I came across this one while grocery shopping. I love that it doesn't contain gluten or any other nonsensical things that my normal Vitamin Shoppe ones did--not that those "nonsensical things" were harmful for me but I just think the more raw we get the better especially when it comes to vitamins. I take one of these a day with my breakfast in the morning and I am good to go! These also contain Iron which a lot of other daily vitamins don't! I need my Iron people! haha

  4. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: This is a miracle in a jar-no other words to explain it. You can do some research of your own but this is known to help with acne, help add the necessary proteins in your hair to help damaged hair regrow healthier, it is an excellent all natural moisturizer for the skin and sometimes I even use it as a mask! I love this stuff because it smells SO good with no added fragrances, so much so that I just want to eat it sometimes---I in fact tasted it I must admit hahaah DELICIOUS! Coconut Oil is said to have healing affects for diseases, heart problems, it helps with your body's immunity, digestion etc. All around this stuff is amazing! You can even use it as a mask for your hair! Throw some on, wrap it in shower cap, sit down with a bowl of whatever and watch a show--30 mins later, rinse and voi la! 

  5. Olay Oil Minimizing Toner: This is pretty self explanatory, I use it before I moisturize my face and I love how clean and refreshing it makes my skin feel! A toner pretty much re-balances the pH levels in your skin to avoid unnecessary breakouts, shininess etc. GREAT!

  6. Olay Complete Daily Moisturizer: I wanted to find an alternative to my favorite Aveeno Daily Face Moisturizer and I think I definitely did, I love this stuff! It moisturizes me SO well leaving me with a very supple feeling face but without feeling greasy. This also contains an SPF 15 which is something very important to me and at under $10 for a 6 fl oz bottle, this is a winner in my book!

  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave Princess: I have been using this every day during the day--It is swatched in one of my previous posts! I love this stuff because it doesn't contain any shimmers but leaves a nice sheen on your cheek which acts as a highlighter at times as well. I love that it is not too dark (say like a contouring powder) and because of that I can wear it during the day for the perfect sun kissed (not muddy) look :) 

  8. Urban Decay Zero Cream Eyeliner: Okay, in the beginning, I HATED this. The little brush it comes with really stinks and at first it wasn't opaque at all, I figured this was a loss. I went to IMATS and purchased an angled eyeliner brush from Royal Brushes and decided to give this another go--well, well what do we have here--it WORKED! I think it just needed to be "warmed up" a little by using it a few times. It is not pitch black, but definitely black and I love this for winged liner paired with the angled liner brush--it is what I always use now when doing that look because it is so easy to work with!

  9. Covergirl Outlast All Day Lip Color: I don't know how much I can rave about this stuff--It works AMAZING! (Maybe I will do a photo comparison one day...hymm) I can put this on in the morning and literally by the end of the night the color is still full impact and best of all--it doesn't transfer!! My boyfriend LOVES this! I can wear red lips and it's not messy and it doesn't have to be reapplied every hour. I throw the lip conditioner part in my purse and with one reapplication of this when my lips feel a little dry, I'm good to go! Definitely recommend!

  10. NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Beige: This is a perfect everyday lipgloss. Isn't sticky and is the perfect pinky natural shade-- A+ in my book!

  11. E.L.F. HD Powder: I have tried the MUFE one and I liked it but for way cheaper this one from elf does the same exact thing. This stuff is great and really gives the skin a pore-less airbrushed look when used as a setting powder when you are finished your makeup--perfect for nights out!

Ok, my raves are done haha If you have anymore questions leave me a comment or email me via my contact me tab above! What are you loving this month?

**I will be doing an Updated Haircare Routine/Face Routine VERY soon ;)

Looking Forward to August (My Birthday, Vacations Galore etc.),


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  1. that nyx lip gloss looks like such a great color!