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Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on 5 different concealers in my collection.  Included in these are concealers from Inglot, Sonia Kashuk, NYX, Maybelline and Garnier.  They are all different kinds (jar, roller ball, palette) and for this reason, I feel like they offer different types of coverage depending on what you're looking to conceal.  Unless otherwise mentioned, I am a medium shade in all concealers mentioned.  I know offhand that the Garnier roller ball doesn't really come in a variety of shades so I just made sure to get the tinted one. Let's get started!


I purchased this concealer in a jar from IMATS NYC this April.

  • I use this for under eye concealing when I feel like I need a bit more coverage
  • I do find that it is VERY thick which although it says crease-less, sometimes leads to minimal creasing even when set with a setting powder.  Perhaps I just have fine lines that aren't visible to my eye, nonetheless as far as coverage, I do like this one a lot and it is very build-able. 
  • Find it here for $5.50  

Sonia Kashuk

This concealer found its way to my heart via Target :)
  • Love that this palette offers 3 different shades that really makes this a one stop shop when it comes to concealing. It even has a setting powder little quadrant!
  • Being that it is summer, I am using the darker of the three concealers because it works with my summer tan well.  During the regular months, I would use the middle one :) 
  • The greener looking one on the left is what I use to neutralize any redness that I may have and THEN I add the other normal color I would use over it. I use this for spot concealing on my face when needed or under eye-both work well for me. 
  • Find it here  for $9.99


Tiffany D got me interested in this under-eye concealer. I have been hooked ever since, this is actually my repurchase!
  • I love that it has a felt tip applicator-almost feels fuzzy haha This assures me that there will not be tugging on my under eye area which is great to know. Who wants to contribute to early aging anyway right?! :) 
  • The shade I use, medium, is perfect and yet still light enough to really brighten up my under-eye area which I am always looking for. 
  • This is available at drugstores as are most of my other choices which make them really accessible, again love!
  • This concealer does not crease on me when set with a setting powder, and it lasts all day for sure. I also can attest to the fact that it is super blend-able!
  • Find it here for $8.99


Another IMATS NYC purchase right here!
  • In the beginning I really loved this concealer.  I liked that it came in a tiny cute little jar and it seemed that a little really took you a long way, however, after a month or so rotating on and off with this, I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn't work for me :( 
  • It is very "oily" looking--hard to describe but it looks SO shiny when it goes on, definitely not something you want to have when you are trying to conceal something! 
  • I like the amount of coverage, but it remains sticky for a while after application--even after setting-odd. 
  • On the bright side, love that it is paraben free and not tested on animals!
  • Maybe this just didn't work for me and you will love it--if you want to give it a try-you can   Find it here (USA store link) for $10.00


I purchased this from a local drugstore.
  • I really got this on a whim-being that it doesn't come in specific colors I figured it would be way too light for me, however, it actually works quite well!
  • I like the roller ball application--pop this in your fridge for an extra soothing cooling effect while applying it under your eyes! BLISS!
  • I feel like the coverage is light and can be sheer at times, but sometimes that's really all you need-some brightening! 
  • I mainly use this in the winter months when my skin isn't really exposed to any sun for tanning purposes (although in the summer I try and really shade my face as much as possible for protection!).  In the summer months, it has just proven to be too light for someone with an olive skin tone as myself. 
  • Find it here for $12.99 
  • UPDATE!-I checked the Ulta website and they now have a new "medium deep" shade! I must purchase this asap! Can't wait to try it out :) 
Which concealer won you over? Which other not mentioned concealers do you love? If I had to suggest one and only one, it would have to be the Sonia Kashuk palette simply for its versatility.  Aside from the INGLOT concealer, I really loved each and every one of these for different reasons.

Here's to concealing your perfect imperfections,


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  1. I love that you compared so many concealers all at once! Very, very helpful! Thanks! :)