Monday, July 16, 2012

OOTD: Aziz Ansari Show in Atlantic City

Hello, OF COURSE I wouldn't have the proper camera on hand to shoot OOTD photos with me on vacation, that would just be too good to be true! haha I always seem so unprepared when it comes to shooting OOTD's. In all reality it is mostly because I never think of them beforehand, hint as to why my photos are always taken by the door! haha I think of it last minute as I am walking out. Anyway, I think you can pretty much still see everything I am wearing in this photo anyway so I hope this post serves its purpose: to show you guys how I throw certain pieces together and to inspire you :)

This past weekend, I ventured to Atlantic City with my boyfriend and my parents to see one of my favorite stand up comedians, Aziz Ansari! I absolutely love his comedic style, I was literally laughing ALL night long! :) For a show like so, I wanted to wear something that would look classy but chic as well, after all its a night show ;) Here is the rundown:

  1. Dress: H&M
  2. Bangles: Forever 21
  3. Earrings: Diamond Studs featured MANY times in my previous posts! 
  4. Shoes: Nine West Rocha
  5. Handbag: Juicy Couture (Bloomingdales)
  6. Hair: Waved with a 1.5" curling wand that I constructed from an old curling iron with a clip!  (If you haven't already seen how this is done, let me know and I will try and do another separate post on that, it is such a $ saver!) 
**IF YOU ARE READING THIS VIA MOBILE SITE OR IF THE PIC JUST APPEARS BLURRY, CLICK ON IT TO ENLARGE AND IT WILL COME UP MORE CRISP! ** (I don't know what the heck is going on with blogger making my photos blurry lately! SO frustrating :(
Yes, I cut my hair ;)


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