Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Trip To The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Last weekend I was in the mood to just get up and go somewhere fun. Last minute long trips are always so hard to plan so staying within a reasonable distance to home made this adventure that much easier to plan! I love nature and the outdoors simply for its beauty and serenity so this was the perfect day trip for me :)

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are absolutely stunning no matter the season you decide to visit.  In the Winter I can just imagine all the snow covered tree lined paths and in the Spring all of the blossoming Cherry Blossoms (My absolute favorite!). In the Summer you get to see the fully bloomed rose garden and other very colorful flowers/plants.  It really is such a wonderful sight to see and if you haven't ever been, I suggest one lazy Sunday, you take a visit!

I brought my DSLR camera just to get better photo quality as opposed to my everyday point and shoot.  Ever since getting this camera I feel like I see my surroundings differently, is it just me? I NEVER had the eye for that "perfect photo" or what lighting worked best etc., because I never really took interest in professional photography, BUT when you have a camera that takes such wonderful photos, you start to see all those "perfect shots" ;) I walk around and stop and say to my boyfriend (or myself in my head haha) "honey look, that would be SUCH a nice photo!" Now by no means is this anything more than just an occasional hobby, but being able to look through the lens and see how amazing that photo you just took came out, I must admit is super cool :) My neighbor has a Cherry Blossom tree on her front lawn and boy do I look like a spy as I crouch down in my driveway just to try and capture its beauty hahaha What a weirdo! Anyway, nature photography is my favorite so far ;)

Now for the Botanical Garden Photos! Enjoy xox :)

I like to do these types of posts because I know I have some readers that are way to far to visit the places I go and vice versa. I think it's a wonderful way to make my readers feel like they have visited a new place :)

I am in the process of getting the photos done for my next Product Review, woohoo! :) haha That will be my next post some time this week. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my trip!

Blossoming Gardens,


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