Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY: Hospital Survival Kit

If you happen to know anyone that is expecting a baby, family or friend, or maybe you yourself are and just want to treat yourself to something cute that will definitely help you through your labor and delivery, this is the DIY for you! You do not need to be crafty at all for this DIY, as a matter of fact, its just a matter of throwing everything into a bag! You do, however, need to throw your thinking cap on as far as what to put into the bag.  I did my research on an actual 4 time new mother and these are the things that coincided with my online research, hope this helps you make one expectant mama super happy! Let's get started :)

What you will need (these things are optional based upon what YOU want to include): 
  • Elastic Headbands-Pushing with hair in your face, def a no-no! This also allows mama to whip that "labor and delivery" hair into shape for the pics that we know everyone is going to be snapping of baby and her in no time ;)
  • Shower Shoes-Keep those feet protected from the possible germs that can be lingering around on that hospital shower floor!
  • Roll of extra soft toilet paper- After giving birth, I'm assuming one would appreciate something that isn't the hospital sandpaper toilet paper :)
  • Tissues-The birth of a child always evokes a lot of emotion
  • Nail File-In case of a rough nail, don't want any roughness that could possibly harm baby.
  • Lip Balm- So I've heard that your lips tend to get SUPER dry during the long hours of "no water allowed" during labor. 
  • Gum- In case you have an unexpected visitor haha
  • Moist Facial Cleansing Towelettes- A quick way to freshen up so Mom can always look her best
  • Pretty Hospital Gown- This is optional, but always a nice treat. Who wants to wear a gown that someone else wore for one of the biggest days of your life anyway right?!  I got this beautiful pink one from 
  • Hand Sanitizer- Try and get a fragrance free one, I got the Dial brand, fragrance may irritate mom or baby.
  • I inserted a "post-baby birth" card in the bag too. I instructed this mother to be (my boyfriends sister!) and her husband to open it after things settle down after baby is born. Inside you can write your congratulations etc. and also anything else you may wish to add :) (In case she is reading this, I can't tell you the fun things I wrote in her card! haha) 

I bought a plain white bag from my local craft store or even Target sells these, and I decorated it myself with some markers to add a personalized touch. Inside I also got some cute stationary and wrote a list of everything that she could find in the bag and explained why I included it.  It was very well received so it was all well worth it!

Congrats to all the Mommies to be out there and Hooray for those of you who have gotten inspired to make one of these little bags for them!


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