Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day In My Life: The Zoo!

I purchased a Zoo membership when I visited the Philadelphia Zoo a few months back and it has been one of the best investments ever! I wasn't sure how this worked, but apparently Zoo Members are allowed either free or discounted entrance to their reciprocal Zoos! I decided to visit a zoo a little closer to home last weekend with my brother and my nephew and because it was a reciprocal zoo of the Philadelphia Zoo (where I hold my membership), we were able to get in absolutely free! :) If you have kids in your family or just like animals and things like the zoo like myself, investing in a membership is such a great idea!

Ok, onto the photos :)

I got my nephew a Zoo Key (kids always love these things, I remember even loving it as a kid myself!) It was fun for him to interact with various animal exhibits using this key. 

Along with the regular Zoo exhibits, they also had a petting zoo which is always fun. We were only able to feed the sheep this day, but of course we went ahead and attempted to feed an alpaca to only be told that it could have bit us! Yiikes! Thank goodness my brother did the feeding and not my nephew haha :)  This pig was HUGE!

There I go feeding the animals and probably talking baby talk to them because I seem to ALWAYS do that! lol A beautiful peacock roamed the zoo as well and was actually quite the model ;) Nephew did a pony ride and we even saw some pretty aggressive looking jaguars, SCAARY! Maybe it was feeding time, or it could have been the little chipmunk that was teasing them on the sidelines ;)

Get out this summer and do things like this! They can be super inexpensive if planned well, and remember to pack a lunch! :)

Rawrrrr (the aggressive jaguars hahaha),


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