Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Coat Options!

In my neck of the woods (can't fathom that I just said that phrase haha!) the weather has been on an emotional roller coaster it seems.  One week its 60's-70's, the next week, like this week, its 40's! While that leaves much room for those with a weak immune system to get sick (I recommend keeping up your immune system with daily vitamins and my favorite Echinacea tea from Traditional Medicinals!), lets look at the bright side of things, and take this as a sign to whip out those winter coats :) Below I am briefly going to go over the many types of winter coats that you may see in stores while shopping for yours--take note and narrow in on the best one for your needs/fashion sense :)

1. Puffer Coat
Puffer coats are perhaps the most popular, at least where I live where the weather can get absolutely frigid. They are a more casual approach I think, as obviously you wouldn't wear this over a dress to a fancy restaurant haha However, they sure are warm.  Most are filled with down--and a they come in various lengths and colors and even some with a faux fur lined hood! Belted or not, these are the most practical in my opinion for everyday use. 

2. Trench Coat
Ahhh the classic trench coat. I really love my trench coat, it's from years ago and I got it at Gap.  It is a lighter lined one though, so I can only wear it in the spring, which I don't mind.  I love the style of the trench--that cinched waist with that signature trench style belt.  I don't recall these coming super thick and winterized, but this can go over a suit jacket/blazer for a classic look :) London Fog is my favorite trench brand--whenever I think trench, I think of them.  

3. Military Style Coats
This is perhaps my favorite "dressier" coat for the entire winter season.  I love that it is different than the traditional pea coat style (which I will touch on next) and I love that it looks edgy and structured.  I love the hardware (buttons) on these coats and I really think they add a nice military touch.  These come as thick or thin as you please depending on the months that you are buying them for.  The ones pictured above are wool :) Nice and warm!

4. Peacoat
Did you know that in the past the pea coat was traditionally worn by Naval Officers?! How cool is that! Let's talk modern though :) The peacoat is a go-to coat for many people.  It is traditionally made of wool, super warm and has neat details like different lengths and a double breasted front.   This is your best option to bring you through various styles and outfits as it can be worn over something more dressy as well as over some jeans.  

5. Cape Style Jackets

I LOVE capes! My goodness if I could wear these everyday I would haha I think I love them so much because the late Jackie O' (My style ICON) wore these very often and they remind me of her a lot.  Capes also come in varying lengths, cropped or longer as pictured on the right above.  This allows you to really customize any outfit easily.  Stay warm and look fashionable, what could be better right? I am always cold--sometimes even in the AC in the blazing summer--call me crazy I know haha That being said, I really love the sleek clean lines of a winter cape, but also that your arms are all nestled inside near your body heat :) 

6. Motorcycle Jackets
Motorcycle Jackets are more of a fashion accessory to me. Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous, but I personally find that I am never really THAT warm in them, and you know I'm always so cold! That aside, I think they are truly a great fashion statement.  You will definitely find zippers galore on these jackets as pictured above, and that is really a nice touch. They are typically made of leather or faux leather and I actually think they look super chic and edgy on women :)

7. Toggle Coat

Toggle coats for some reason or another remind me of being a little kid and bundling up to head out to play in the snow stiff as a snowman haha I buy my nephew toggle coats a lot because I just think they look so adorable! The toggle, which is so easy to secure is a nice alternative to the already overused buttons on every other winter coat :) The toggle style can be found on wool jackets, puffer coats and many other styles of winter coat.  

Comment below and let me know which is your favorite style to wear for Winter.  I have a few coats, but thinking of getting new ones and donating my current ones to a local coat drive :) We shall see. 

To staying warm and fashionable this winter season, 


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