Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drinking To Your Health: My Favorite Tea's and What They're Good For!


It's Tea Time! haha Ok, just kidding--but it is time to take a look at how something so readily available to many, such as tea, can make a pretty substantial difference in maintaining your everyday health.  I sometimes think that one has to either be a tea lover OR a coffee lover, perhaps because I have yet to find many people who absolutely love both, but I am sure they are out there.  I, myself, abhor coffee and adore tea :) When I was younger and I was trying to be a "grown up", while my mother enjoyed her morning coffee, I would have her make me some decaffeinated tea, which I would then drown in milk and sweetener because I didn't REALLY like the taste of tea then, but cmon I had to pretend! haha Nowadays, I drink tea for a completely different reason, not only is it a great thing to keep your body warm during the colder months, but with age, I have come to learn that there are many health benefits to drinking certain teas--hot or cold :) Here is what I have found: 

**I do NOT claim to be a "tea-ologist" guys, this is just some basic information about what I personally researched and things that I personally drink :) 

Above you are seeing what I use to make my tea. The Kettle is called Kettle Express and by the brand Melita.  I absolutely love this thing! It heats up so quick at the flip of a switch and quickly heated water means you get your tea faster! It is also electrical so no putting anything on the stove etc., just plug it in! :) Below that is what we keep our "fresher" teas in and a few packaged ones as well.  I love this tea case--I can view what specialty teas I have right through the glass pane and also it keeps any air out that may cause the teas to age quicker--something I try and prevent especially with my fresh Chinese Tea's.  

Lets talk health for a moment:

Green Tea Benefits: 
  • Studies have shown that those who drink Green Tea on a regular basis have significantly lower risks for developing cancer!
  •  Green Tea contains tons of antioxidants which are SO great for your body. 
  • The research scientists have done has such great results as far as Green Tea being related to being cancer free, that they are considering using it as part of future cancer therapy!
  • Green Tea also lowers your chance of developing high cholesterol, which means that your chances of heart attack and stroke from this are lowered as well!
  • Green Tea is proven to lower blood pressure
  • Green Tea possesses certain antibacterial properties as well, which causes it to lower your chances of catching certain bacterial viruses--especially the Staph Virus!
White Tea Benefits: 
  • Helps prevent stroke by lowering the amount of cholesterol that is allowed to build up in your arteries.  
  • Promotes the growth of strong and healthy bones. 
  • Helps promote healthy gums and teeth!
  • Contains extremely high levels of anti-bacterial and anti-virus agents, which means better health for you!
  • White tea is absolutely wonderful for your skin :) 
Black Tea Benefits: 
  • Prevents possible clogging of the arteries which can lead to health problems down the road. 
  • Although not "proven" yet, certain studies show that elements in black tea prevent the growth of already existent cancers! 
  • Black tea is wonderful for killing germs on contact--meaning that when you drink Black Tea, you will most likely be cleaning your mouth out of any possible bacterial/viral germs that are lingering in your mouth that could lead to possible sickness down the line! How great is that?! (Makes me want to brew some right now haha)
I pretty much just wanted to touch base on the three most popular teas, at least in my household anyway.  I didn't want to talk to much on those teas that I don't regularly drink because I wouldn't be able to back anything up that I was writing! haha Below are some of my favorite ways to get my "healthy tea" on :)

Instead of sugar or other artificial sweeteners, I prefer all natural honey--it provides the same sweet taste, just better for you and if you don't like the taste of honey, no worries--neither do I and you don't taste any of it actually :)
One of my favorite packaged Green Teas is from this company--Bigelow.  Traditional Medicinals is a brand I just started drinking not too long ago and let me say I am loving it! They are in the organic aisle of my local supermarket and offer teas for ANYTHING--you name it they have a tea for it.  I bought this one because I find that in the colder months, I am ALWAYS getting sick--which means my immune system pretty much stinks. Well let me be completely honest, this is a MIRACLE worker.  It tastes wonderful and helped me through a recent cold I got--I usually get them really bad and instead only felt like I experienced a "hint" of a cold.  I am stocking up on this for sure!

The tea on the bottom is actually a cold canned version of Green Tea.  For the days when its a little warmer or for lunch etc., I drink these.  They are Organic, only lightly sweetened and are SO good for you as they are packed with antioxidants.  They come in a variety of all natural flavors which makes them even more like-able :) I HIGHLY recommend these!

Wishing you all a "TEA"-riffic day! (my corniness for the day haha),


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  1. Your a tea fan! nice! I recommend you try an Iced vanilla chai from starbucks! you'll fall in love xoxo!