Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shop and Tell : MAC/Bath & Body Works!

* Swatches above (left to right) : Shadowy Lady, Festive Delight, Trax, Lighfully, Fun!, Black Tied
I haven't been really buying any beauty items lately because I know during the Holiday season I am going to go crazy with purchases.  I figured I would leave it until then, but also wanted to grab at least one item from the ever so coveted MAC Holiday Collection.  I was torn  but definitely knew I wanted to get one of the palettes.  I liked the other one they offered as well, but felt that this one had more "holiday-like" colors.  I love the packaging and although I have only done one look with this palette so far, I love the holiday sparkle in all the shadows :) Is this a palette I could use everyday, probably not because of all of the glitter, but definitely a fun one to say the least.  

When it comes to Holiday scents and decoration, I am a SUCKER.  I just had to stock up on some of my personal favorite things to smell during this season.  I always light my candle while I read at night or clean or watch TV, and I love my house to smell cozy and warm :) The above scents are for sure divine!

*Clockwise the candles are [Gingerbread, Marshmallow Peppermint, Tis' the Season, Sleigh Ride]
*Wallflowers, not seasonal, are Japanese Cherry Blossom (my FAVORITE!) and Cranberry Pear Bellini, DELICIOUS!

Sending You Holiday Goodness, 



  1. I love the MAC eye shdows, very pretty colors; perfect for the holiday <3

  2. How long do the plugins last for you? They don't last that long for me... maybe it's the size of my rooms. :(

  3. Daisy: To be completely honest, I only use these in my bathrooms :) They actually are so strong they carry scent into my hallways! But not too strong to the point where its nauseating. I completely understand what you mean though because I tried to use one of these in my bedroom, a room about 4 times the size of my bathroom, and I barely smelled anything. I think it definitely has to do with the size of your room, and definitely can attest to the fact that I think these are pretty much made for smaller rooms. Hope this helps! xox