Monday, November 14, 2011

My Attempt At Making Lumpia Was A Success!!

For those of you thinking "Lumpia"--what the heck is that?! Well, my friends, it is an absolutely DELICIOUS Filipino version of an egg roll, pretty much.  I don't like Chinese egg rolls actually, but I love these babies! My boyfriend's sister hosted a "Pacquiao-Marquez" fight night party at her house.  Being that Pacquiao was the man we were "rooting" for (mind you I know NOTHING about the technicalities involved in boxing really haha), I thought it would be fitting to make a traditional Filipino appetizer. This was my first time ever attempting this and I went off of pretty much photos and a bunch of variations of recipes on the net.  The ingredients I used were pretty much a little of each recipe I found, making sure I only used things that I actually didn't mind tasting myself.  Needless to say, after having my boyfriend roll them together (as frustrating as it was!) they came out absolutely perfect.  Crispy on the outside, juicy and flavor filled on the inside--I was in heaven! You don't have to use ground pork, you can actually use ground chicken or beef etc, but I tried to stay true to what I was reading from most of the recipes (as well as a few Filipino friends we have) and I used Pork.  (I RARELY eat pork, this was definitely an exception!) 

I am not going to give you the run down on the actual recipe I used because honestly, it would be too difficult to recall exactly what measurement of each I used! I can however, recommend a fabulous Lumpia recipe from a Filipino Guru on YouTube that you all probably know, ItsJudysLife! She makes these with her mom and they look VERY close to the recipe I actually used, AND we even use the same dipping sauce (which by the way was the icing on the cake I'm telling you! DIVINE)!

**To get the Lumpia Wrappers and the dipping sauce, I visited a local Filipino Market (thank goodness my boyfriend lives in a well cultured area!) They had everything there, although I only bought the sauce and wrappers there. I purchased everything else at a regular supermarket.  

Watch Judy's video and give these a try! My version came out SUPERB and I already got requests to make 100+ for a Christmas party :) 

To see Judy's Video Click Here

To food that packs a punch like Pacquiao, 


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