Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini Shop and Tell: Milani/Palladio/Revlon/Estee Lauder

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Fig #123
2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in #680 Temptress (Creme)
3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in # 013 Smoked Peach (Matte)
4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in # 477 Black Cherry (Creme)

**I went out on a whim by purchasing Black Cherry--it literally looks almost black in the tube, but as you can see it is a beautiful cherry color-perfect for the holidays! Smoked Peach is my favorite of the bunch, I love colors like that and even in the Fall you can put this under a gloss or over a lip pencil of a different color to deepen it up a little for the perfect fall color! I must say, the Estee Lauder lipstick shown, I've had for sometime (I think I got it in a gift set or something), but never really included it in any other blogs and its my favorite red for the Fall so I decided to add it in here--I LOVE the way Estee Lauder Lipsticks smell, I can't exactly pin point what the smell is but its glorious! 

1. Palladio Eyeliner in Dark Green 
2. Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in 04 Aqua
3. Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in 05 Brown

*I LOVE how smooth and pigmented the Milani Eyeliners are--without a doubt some of the best drugstore brand eyeliners that I own. The Palladio one on the other hand was a no go.  It was very hard to work with, had to be heated up before I used it to get any color power and all in all just not worth it, you can even tell from the swatches how different it is from the Milani ones!

Beautiful eyes and Lips,



  1. I got the same Estee Lauder one last week and I looove it :) is my blog - I'm doing a giveaway when I get to 50 followers, so I would sooo appreciate it if you could come and follow me?
    Thanks so much :) xx

  2. I love both these brands. Revlon for their lipsticks and Milani for these eyeliners. I don't have the brown, but I need to get it. Wish they had more colors

    Also, please visit my blog :)