Monday, November 28, 2011

My Experience Cutting Down My Own Christmas Tree!

I have always wanted to cut down my own Christmas tree but never really got around to it.  As a child I remember watching Home Alone and loving how he went to his yard and cut down the tree haha In many other Holiday movies this adventure is featured as well. I got to thinking this year and did my research to assure that I would be able to make this happen :) Below I am going to post a few pictures of my day at the tree farm, I definitely recommend taking advantage of this type of activity if they offer it in your area.  It is a great way to spend the day with your family/loved ones/friends and really have a relaxed good time!

Some Highlights From This Day:

  • For those of you from New Jersey, the place we went to was called Stonerow Tree Farm.  It was a bit of a drive from my house, but well worth it for sure.  
  • It was our first time there so we had no idea what to expect.  When you arrive you get a map of the farm (which is HUGE!) and you park your car in the lot.  Then you grab a hand saw of of the fence
  • There were people/families having cookouts outside the trunk of their cars, roasting smores on the campfire that was lit at the farm, playing music, drinking etc. It was like we were tailgating at a football game! I loved it!! Had we known this, I'm sure more of the men of the family would have come knowing they could just flip some burgers and have a drink ;) 
  • The map is divided into sections called "fields" according to which variety of tree you are looking for.  My boyfriends mother was looking for Blue Spruce and I was looking for something other than Douglas Fir because that's what I always get, but of course the one I fell in love with (and that was big enough for my high ceilings) was a Dougie haha 
  • You walk through fields of trees and choose the one you want.  Mind you you are on your own, there is no "supervisor" around to assure that you know what you're doing, although I'm sure if you needed help someone could assist you in the beginning. 
  • Once you choose your tree you (or your strong husband/dad/boyfriend/friend etc) get on under there and begin sawing.  My boyfriend said it was easier than he thought it would be, which is always good to know.  After your tree is cut, you drag it to the dirt road, just a few feet away and walk back to where the holiday festivities are going on.  A truck will come pick up your tree and you claim it with your claim ticket back at the beginning within a few minutes.  
  • I loved that this farm also had a gift shop called the Merry Moose Gift shop.  They had all sorts of fun decorative Holiday things in there, I was in my heaven! They also had a little "canteen" type thing inside where you could get hot cocoa, chili, hot dogs, coffee, tea, etc! 
Overall I have to say, after experiencing this once, going and buying a pre-cut Christmas Tree will never do it for me anymore.  I am sure that I will return to this exact place next year. It was so welcoming and overall just wonderful from beginning to end.

Driving home with TWO trees on the roof of your SUV on the highway,


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