Monday, October 3, 2011

Narrow Calves and Fall Boots!

I find that many stores carry boots that my poor little calf just swims in--and I don't think I have particularly narrow calves either--it can be quite frustrating.  If you fall into that category, the category of ladies like myself who will try on gorgeous boots and then realize the diameter is just way too large, this post is for you :)

There are a few tips to searching for boots that will more comfortably fit you.  They are simple, and if you shop only those kinds of boots, you will be sure to almost never be disappointed by trying on a boot that is just simply too large.  Here are my personal tips:

1. Search for boots that have things like buckles and lace ups. These will ensure that YOU will be able to control the size of the diameter of the shaft of the boot. I often find myself going for these sorts of boots :)

2. When shopping online, be sure to always look at the more info section and search for the part where they list the inches of the diameter of the boot.  Anything 6.5' + is an almost no go in my book. If I am really set on them, however, I will make it a point to go try them on in the actual store to assure that the measurements aren't just off.

There will be times that a boot is just a "smidge" too large and not to the point where it looks awkward.  With these sorts of boots, I like to sport the "fashion knee socks under the boots" look.  This can actually be SUPER cute! I love doing this with argyle patterns, plaid patterns, and even just solid colors. The knee socks can really add a pop of something fun to your look.  That tiny peek one may get into your boot will be a surprise  :)

Here are some boots ranging from $29.99-$100.00, so there is something for everyone! These boots came from either Macy*s or Target :)

You can pair leggings or skinny jeans with any of the above pictured boots comfortably.  Who doesn't love a good skinny jean and fashion boot? :) I don't want you guys to feel limited to the ones I have shown you above, I just wanted to give you some ideas as to what to look for and what stores carry these types of "non wide calf boots".  Remember, look for adjustable buckles, diameter of the shaft size LESS than 7' and lace up boots or booties. 
To skinny calves everywhere, 


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  1. I ordered two of your suggested boots! Can't wait to try them on :)