Thursday, October 20, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind-Dark Circle Concealer

My Color: #30 Medium                               Price $ 7.99 (approx)

Things I Love: 

1. That it comes in a shade that actually matches what I am looking for! So many of these under eye concealers just don't match up well with my skin tone--odd I know. 

2. I love that you can see through this tube exactly how much product you have left--with my Garnier roller-ball one, I could never tell and I was always afraid of one day just suddenly running out.  

3. The quality for a drugstore reasonably priced item. The Garnier one I used before this retailed for around $13! I actually prefer this one and its almost 50% cheaper!

4. NO CREASING or settling in fine lines! I cannot stress enough how much this kind of thing bothers me. I am only 24 people, there is NO reason why I should have concealer settling under the "fine lines" beneath my eyes haha With this one there are none of those shenanigans going on. 
5. The applicator is so cool! It is like a velvety sponge where you click to activate the product from beneath to come into the sponge tip. Then you just swipe it in a "U" shape under your eye, that simple! 

6. Its durability--I have to say that personally speaking I haven't really noticed any fade with this product, I have been satisfied with how it holds up throughout the day for sure!

Although I don't particularly use this for dark under eye circles, because I don't have those, I use this as more of a slight brightener and it works wonderfully for that as well. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a drug store under eye concealer :) 

Bright eyes, 


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