Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mini Shop and Tell : October Breast Cancer Awareness Purchases!

So the time has FINALLY come, everything has come together as far as my BCA purchases this month. Now when you see that its really only about 5 things, you are probably going to wonder why it was so "stressful" getting those things but let me just say, it was a good and a bad thing.  It was good that things were sold out almost everywhere (and I started shopping for this stuff rather early too!) because that meant that Breast Cancer was getting a lot of money, but a bad thing as well because it was taking me forever to get my hands on any of this stuff! Anywho, enough rambling, let me just show you the items!

 Shown above are the following:

1.Limited Edition Power of Pink Conair Infiniti Curling Wand---$39.99
  • Can be purchased by clicking here: Ulta
2. Ulta BCA Thermos ---FREE with any $5.00 Donation
  • Unfortunately I don't even see this on their site anymore, they were apparently their biggest seller! They still do, however, offer a pink ribbon cosmetic bag with any $10.00 donation.  View this offer here: ULTA
3. The North Face Breast Cancer Limited Edition Denali Fleece---$165.00 (a gift from my boyfriend!)
  • This was purchased as a gift from Sports Authority. The link is here: Sports Authority
4. Seche Vite/China Glaze Nail Polish and Top Coat Duo---$8.99
  • This was purchased from Sally Beauty Supply.  (I only paid about $7.00 with my Beauty Pro Card!) It can be viewed online here: Sally Beauty Supply 
5. Brush Strokes Teasing Brush--$1.99
  • This was purchased from Sally Beauty Supply as well.  It can be viewed online here: Sally Beauty 
6. Its a 10 Leave in Miracle Product---$17.00 or so
  • I got this product from SuperCuts as my Aunt is a stylist there :) Some of the proceeds from this one went to the Christina Applegate Breast Cancer Foundation!
Well that sums up my Breast Cancer Awareness purchases.  A portion of the money earned from the purchase of each and every one of these products was donated to raising awareness and money for research for Breast Cancer.  Most of these were all on my wish list anyway and I figured why not have them go to a good cause as well! After all, they came in pretty pink colors anyway ;)


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