Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food for Thought

Here is more info for  my friends/family who were brought here through my personal Facebook page:

Although not a traditional bog post, this has just as much of my heart in it as all of my others.  Thanksgiving (here in the United States) is about being thankful, for friends, family, health, education, love in general life.  We share a warm meal with one another around the table because food always brings loved ones together, why do you think going out to dinner is one of the number one ways people celebrate their birthdays, such a special day? Reading the article about all of those Americans living amongst us (possibly even in our own neighborhood) who barely make ends meat and probably won't be having that Thanksgiving meal the same way we will this year, broke my heart.  Although poverty exists all over year round, the Thanksgiving season, one whose day is focused on a rather grandiose meal, is a rather unique time to do something about it, even if something small.

Here is what I am going to do, you can do the same for another family, or you can just spread the word and that will be enough!

1. I am enlisting each and every one of my Facebook friends reading this to try and really reach out in your community and think of someone who you think could use a little help with Thanksgiving this year.  Remember a turkey these days can cost $40+.  For those that do a meat alternative, it can cost a whole bunch of money as well!

2. Think of one family who you think in the goodness of your heart would like me to sponsor their Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I am no millionaire, and I work very hard for every dime I have but I can do without the movies and clothes shopping for a week or so to help a needing family out.  With lay offs STILL happening daily, some are afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, which is why I need YOUR help to nominate a family. 

3. This family can come from your church, maybe they just had a fire (as sad as that is, a lot more of those are happening!) maybe they just had another baby and times are really tough, maybe BOTH parents are out of work and struggling to put any food on the table all together.  Whomever you think deserves this, please nominate them.

4. I wanted to give you guys an entire month to work on this, although it may only take you a day or so to think of someone, the work for me is endless! haha I will do my best to provide to them a Turkey, potatoes, yams, rice, etc all the goodies that I grew up with for Thanksgiving.  I will probably shop for the family a week before so that when I deliver everything it is still delicious (most will be non-perishables anyway).

5. Here's all you have to do:

  • Think of the family who is struggling a lot this year that you wish to nominate and get their name to me. (EVERYTHING we discuss is CONFIDENTIAL and will in no way, shape or form EVER be shared with anyone else, other than probably my boyfriend, the driver haha) I know most people are embarrassed about going through hard times, and although they shouldn't be, I respect that completely!
  • Once you get me their name, your work is done, I will stay in touch with you when I decide which family I am going to choose. I wish I could choose them all, but hey maybe this will inspire you guys to take one of them on?!
  • They can be from your workplace, church, neighborhood, family etc. EVERYONE in need qualifies :)
  • Shoot me an email at  if you want to know anything further or send me a message on my facebook--although I prefer email because I can keep track of everything better!
Thank you ALL so much in advanced. I am no angel, but together we can ALL make a difference, and where I have plenty, I will ALWAYS share with those who don't.  Food can really heal the soul, even a simple plate of rice.  Being able to spend the day with your family during this Thanksgiving Holiday season can really be a "pick me up" for someone, and after all, that's what we are striving to do here.

To being thankful always,


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