Monday, October 17, 2011

Pairing Your Eye Look with a Perfect Lip Color!

Let me just state that if you read this and think "oh man I have been doing this wrong all along"--please DON'T! This is not something that everyone HAS to follow, if you have been doing your matching differently and are comfortable and confident in the way your look has come out, that is all that matters! This is pretty much for those who have a hard time pairing these things together and are looking for some pointers in some sort of direction because they are completely or partially lost when it comes to this :)

Generally speaking, the above photo that I created is how you want to go about matching your eye/lip colors. When wearing a purple eye look (from the cool side), I love pairing this with a coral/peach lip (from the warm side)--these colors (purple and orange) look great together because they perfectly balance one another out.  This is what this technique is all about after all, balance!

Another example would be if you are doing a gold (yellow) eye look, throw this together with a pink lipgloss.

* with pink, you can have certain pinks that are cool and others that are warm. A good way to tell is if you look at the pink and see if you catch a blue hint to it, if so its cool--however, if you look at the pink and don't see a blue hint, but rather a more reddish undertone, this is a warm pink and you can follow the warm "rules" when it comes to this :)

Although quite a simple post, I hope this helps those of you who may be looking to perfect your "pairing" skills! :) this is in fact VERY similar to the color wheel "rules" when it comes to fashion, so if you are good with one, chances are you will be good at the other.


My favorite warm lipglosses: , MAC Love Nectar, NYX Nude Peach
My favorite warm lipsticks: Neutrogena Poppy Red, Estee Lauder #123 Fig, Revlon #680 Temptress, MAC So Chaud
My Favorite cool lipsticks: Revlon Pink Pout, Revlon Black Cherry (this is almost a mix between a VERY deep red and a VERY deep purple--looks almost black in packaging, but I think its SO cool for fall :)
My favorite cool lipglosses: NYX Beige, MAC Love Culture

to WARM days and COOL nights,



  1. you dont exactly "need" too, but it does look awesome to have contrasting colours
    and btw...not just women hun ;)

  2. Thanks this helps me a lot, sometimes I am not sure what I should pair together when I am creating makeup looks <3

    xoxo, Chantel