Monday, October 10, 2011

Those Who Conquered Breast Cancer Series : M's Story

This week, I would like to start off with my very first feature for this October Breast Cancer Survivor Spotlight Series on my blog.  I think it is something that can spread hope, love and encouragement, and I strongly suggest reading one of these when you feel like you are maybe having a bad day, you are not alone in the "having a bad day" department, and as long as you have hope, your faith in a brighter tomorrow will push you through I promise! I hope that the stories that these women have offered, touch your hearts, and instill in you a sense of dedication to your emotional and physical health, and not only that, but also a sense of pride in being a woman/man who can make it through anything! Lets begin:

*The person sharing this story will be referred to as "M".

How did this person come about the idea that maybe something was wrong? 

came across what appeared to be a small lump in her left breast while in the shower during a normal body wash.  Having had a mammogram just three months earlier, she thought it was almost impossible for it to be anything serious.

How did this person go about getting checked out to see what could be wrong? 

She scheduled an appointment to have this lump checked out with her General Practitioner the next morning, he scheduled her for another mammogram and ultrasound right after he too noticed the lump.  After reading the ultrasound and being told by the Doctor that it was a mere cyst, although a bit relieved, she was still not at ease. It was told to her that they would try and go about draining the cyst as soon as possible.

After multiple failed attempts to try and drain the cyst, doctors told her that they would try again in 3 months time because they feared puncturing her lung (being that this was close to where the cyst was).  M was nervous to wait that long, and rightfully so. M opted to get another opinion after not feeling that it was just a "cyst", after all, it had been 3 months and it had not gotten any smaller!

Finally the proper testing was done and a biopsy was put in place, unfortunately the news was delivered later that evening that she indeed did have a tumor, measuring 2.5 cm. at that!

How was the breast cancer treated? 

M decided to have a mastectomy, it was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made rather quickly as her life was on the line.  After having the mastectomy, a temporary implant was inserted and chemotherapy ensued.

What made this a success story? 

After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, spread over 18 weeks, the cancer was gone! April of this year (2012) will mark 9 years since her last treatment!

What type of support system got them through this hard time? 

Having a wonderful husband/wife is always something positive, sometimes the person you choose to be with during sickness and health is the same one who gets you through sickness into health and that's the honest truth.  In this story I saw a lot of different outlets for M, and I think she was super lucky to have friends and family by her side until the end of this terrible journey, that is what drives a person for sure.  M also had her work family behind her 100%, allowing her to work from home part time and giving her all the time she needed to mentally and physically recuperate.   It is with the loving guidance of those that you love around you that gives you hope, if they believe in you, so should you.  M credits having so much to live for as her reason for "fighting like a girl" and conquering cancer!

Next part in this series will be up some time the week of 10/17.

To Fighting Like A Girl Always,


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