Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NYX Makeup Haul/Swatches

So, it's that time, I have swatched everything that I got in my recent shopping adventure with NYX Cosmetics, and I am here to share my brief thoughts with you guys :) I know that I personally love seeing swatches of things on others before I go ahead and purchase things, and especially purchasing them online. The website I ordered these things from has the worse swatches ever I swear! lol However, when the price is right, and you want  a product enough, you deal with the possible "what?! this doesn't look how it looked online" thoughts. Ok, lets get to the good stuff!

From just these pics, they actually look more similar than they really are, let me explain each.

The top left corner is the shade Rose Bud, this color reminds me of a lipstick that would result if you made NARS Orgasm into a shade for NYX lol It is pinky peach with flecks of gold shimmer.  I like this lipstick, it isn't like anything that I have already, so I am glad I purchased it.  It goes on very metallic though, so I find that for everyday wear, it can be a bit over the top, you can also tone it down with a gloss though, up to you.

The top right hand corner is the shade Sky Pink. This is also a color that goes on with a metallic like finish. The shimmer however, isn't over powering and I find that the color is actually very flattering. It is a rosy pink color.

Bottom left corner is the shade Paris. This is absolutely my favorite of the bunch that I purchased this time around. It is a creamy medium pink color that just goes on so smooth! It doesn't have any shimmer in it so it is more of a wearable lipstick for everyday. 

Bottom right hand corner is the shade Margarita. I got this one on a whim, and let me say it is actually a very nice tangerine color. It goes on very creamy and the color is very true to what it looks like. I would wear this with a simple eye look because it is a very unique "out there" color. I can totally see wearing this orangey color with something blue. (Orange Lipstick post coming soon!)

Those are the lipsticks I purchased this shopping order. They are all the signature round lipsticks and over all I would say they are definitely worth trying. There are a nice variety of shades and I find that every single one that I have tried has gone on soft and smooth. I would say mine lasted about 4 hours before I had to reapply which isn't too too bad.


Natural, African Queen, Golden Pink, Nude Peach, Beige, Perfect Red, Sugar Pie, Dolly Pink
NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses are by far my absolute favorite glosses for the money. In all actuality, I prefer most of these to my MAC ones, and that's something I thought I would never say! I like these for a variety of reasons, the price, the quantity, the texture, the fact that I don't have those super sticky lips that my hair is sticking to as I walk down the street!, the color pay off and last but not least, the color variety! I love pairing these over a lipstick that just needs a little more "hype".  Sometimes I will wear African Queen, Perfect Red or Dolly Pink alone, that's how pigmented they are! They last a reasonable amount of time as well, something that I love because I don't always have the time to reapply my gloss. Definitely give these a try if you haven't!


Earthy Shimmer, Deep Brown, Blue Marine, Prune, Rust, Ocean, Odyssey, Iced Mocha, Violetta
These swatches don't really do some of these colors justice. You know, sometimes I wonder if NYX is playing jokes on us, the customer, with these color names. For example, Deep Brown is in all actuality a deep purple, and with the lipglosses, Beige, in fact is a pink color, crazy right?! lol Anywho, I swatched these to the best of my ability to show you at least a little bit of an idea as to the colors of these shadows. Some of them look completely different before using them. Odyssey looks black here, but is a dark glittery blue, this reminds me of MAC's contrast a little. Rust, reminds me of MAC's Cranberry as well and Iced Mocha of Satin Taupe,  just in case you were interested in possible dupes for those.


Both pics are of the same 7 swatches, just in a different order. I will name the colors from the pic on the bottom in order from left to right. French Fries, Rocky Green Mountain, Milk, Purple Velvet, Pure Gold, Pots & Pans, Cottage Cheese.
These Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils are great as eyeshadow bases. You do, however, have to prime your lids especially well before applying these because they will crease without a doubt if you don't. I like that they are easy to use because of the fact that they are packaged like a drawing utensil lol and I love the color shade variety that they offer. These are just a few and they were, as well as all of the other swatches in this post, swatched without a primer underneath. They really make your eyeshadow more vibrant when used as a base!


Nutmeg, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Hot Red, Coral
I have always been a big fan of NYX lip liners.  I love that they come in so many shades and work very well in accompaniment with a lot of their own lipsticks and glosses. These lip liners are perfect to make a lip look very long lasting. I am especially sure to make sure I line my lips before wearing dark lipsticks. When wearing bright pink or red lips, its all about wearing the right lip liner base to make that color stay looking like you it did when you first applied it. I would definitely recommend these!

Well guys, that's it! I think I am done purchasing NYX products for a while, I'm set! haha I hope you all found these swatches helpful, although I am not the best at situating the correct lighting etc.

Aside from the actual NYX website, here are some websites that often hold sales for your NYX addiction!

Happy Shopping! xox


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