Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 Favorite Lipsticks for the Spring!

Spring is a time to showcase those beautiful vibrant colors that were hidden beneath the cold days of winter. When I think of spring makeup, nothing strikes me more than a nice bright lip color! You can do a whole face of neutral tones and throw on a bright shade of lipstick and your look is complete. I myself have a medium skin tone, so the swatches below reflect what the colors would look like on that skin tone, and they may just appear differently on you, but no doubt about it I'm sure they will look fabulous either way.

Starting from top to bottom, these are my top 5 favorite lipsticks for the Spring (and even maybe the summer too!) :

 1. Neutrogena's Moistureshine SPF 20 Lipstick in Poppy Red. This is a gorgeous true red color, the swatch makes it look a little more sheer than it actually is, on the lips its very red, which I love. I also love that it has an SPF in it, something I think is another plus as well as the fact that it is a Moistureshine, which means that without a doubt when wearing this you won't be suffering from dry cracked lips :)

2. MAC's Blankety, which is an amplified lipstick. It is the perfect nude shade I think, as it doesn't wash you completely out. As you can tell from the swatch, it almost has a slight undertone of flesh toned pink, which I think is the key in what makes this a more wearable nude for those of my skin tone. For fairer skin tones, Myth would probably be a better option.

3. MAC's So Chaud, which is a matte burnt orange/coral color. I went searching high and low for the perfect orange lipstick that wouldn't scare people away from me, but would still be very orange and not shy away from the fact that I was wearing an orange lipstick lol I finally found "So Chaud" at my local MAC counter and I was pleasantly surprised with how it swatched. I love that its matte, I feel like something as vibrant and bright as orange, may look a bit overdone if it was too shiny or glossy so I feel like matte was totally the way to go with this one. I also love that its so pigmented, this is definitely a lipstick that will make people say "wow", and that's what I was going for so I'm happy I found it :) MAC Morange is also another great vibrant orange for those of you looking.

4. Victoria's Secret Lipstick in Heated is a beautiful plumy magenta color. I love that reminds me of the color of a flower (don't ask haha), and therefore reminds me of Spring so much. A lot of fashions that include a floral print have this color in it, which may be why it reminds me of flowers, but nonetheless, it is a gorgeous deep plum pink color. It is build-able, and on the swatch above I just went back and forth twice without a heavy hand.

5. Last but not least is my ultimate favorite lipstick for this Spring, which I have mentioned in a previous blog, Rimmel's Latino. I mentioned before that the only reason I purchased this was because I, being a Latina myself, was drawn to the name, little did I know I was going to fall in love with it! This is the perfect mix of peachy pink with a slight golden shimmer undertone. I love the way Rimmel lipsticks smell too, odd I know lol I often throw on this lipstick when I'm in a hurry because it truly goes with almost anything! Definitely check it out :)

Well there you have it, I have so many lipsticks that I would have loved to have included in this post, but to make it easier on you guys, I only included 5. These are the 5 lipsticks that I have found myself using a ton of during this Spring season, and I have a feeling they are going to lead me into Summer as well because they are just such great colors!



  1. I only have two lipsticks and two lip glosses. I don't even know their names lol I really want to try a pink like the VS lipstick though! I don't know if it will look good on me, but I'll give it a shot.

  2. Hey Zuly, I personally think a color like that would look great on you! Its a pretty universally flattering color, so I say give it a try :)