Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashions I'm Loving Right Now!

So I thought I would update you all on some of the fashion's I am loving at the moment. With me, it changes all the time, so this is the most recent haha

1. Fedoras: I have always loved hats, some people look great with hats, others not so much supposedly. I however, think it is about the right pairing of hat with your face shape. That is the hard part to figure out, but once you find a hat style that looks amazing on you, you are going to want to wear these babies all the time! I love the fact that on my off day for washing my hair, I can throw one of these on and still look very put together, I also love to wear them on days where I was my hair, but the weather is yukky outside, so I don't even blow dry/style my hair. Fedoras are my recent obsession for the past couple of months and I don't see this obsession going anywhere any time soon! I also see myself wearing these a lot by the pool in the summer to protect my hair from sun damage :)

2. Maxi Dresses/Skirts: I LOVE this look. Very boho chic and very effortlessly classy looking. As you can see, I love pairing prints with these pieces. If you are going to go all out, go all out right?! lol These are perfect for the warm yet breezy days, I love when the breeze catches my skirt, don't ask haha

3. Wedge Sandals: These pictured above are all from Nine West! Wedges are my favorite type of heel year round because of their comfort and chicness.  I can literally walk around all day in wedges and my little toes don't suffer one bit!

4. Denim Jacket/Vest: Every girl should own at least one good denim jacket, it is something that you can throw over almost anything! In the summer I usually bring mine with me just in case it gets a little chilly at night, and these are great for layering over maxi dresses as pictured above :) A Denim Jacket or Vest is one of those things that you grab right as you're walking out the door and you are always glad that you did. ;)

I love each of these things separately but most of all I love them paired all together for a cute Spring, even into Summer ensemble.


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