Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Ever So Talked About Orange Lip!

Orange Lipstick has been one of the most talked about beauty trends for this Spring and even the coming Summer season.  I have waited so long to delve into my thoughts on this because I wanted to find the perfect Orange Lipstick for myself and not only that, really wear it out and test possible outfits its looked best with. As one would rightfully assume, you are clearly not trying to be cast in the shadows while wearing this color lip, you are most definitely looking for some sort of spotlight, and when worn the right way, I am sure you will shine and deserve the spotlight :)

Here are a few of our favorite celebs sporting the look in different shades:

And Here is a pic of myself wearing my favorite orange lip, MAC's So Chaud:

Although this is a Matte Lipstick, it appears a little more shiny because I had some chap stick on before I applied it, and no lip liner :)
This Orange Lipstick, So Chaud, is more of a deep orange. I didn't line or prep my lips with any type of concealer etc to make the color look more true, this could be why it may appear more "red" on myself in this pic, but it is most definitely orange, trust me.  I love that it is Matte because I find with bold colors like this and red for example, I like to tone it down a little and keep the look not too shiny.  I recommend pairing this Orange lip color with a simple eye using natural colors as you won't want to over do it. I also love wearing this color with blue tops. I love how Orange and Blue compliment one another and this goes for in Beauty and fashion as well! Examples of some blouses/jewelry I could see myself pairing this with:

I did a previous post on my love for the color coral (which could be considered in the orange family) and turquoise (also in the blue family) This applies to blues and oranges as well :) I think the colors are just so easy on the eyes and show that you have edge to your style, but while you remain sophisticated and not tacky. Another great orange color would be MAC's Morange.  As far as a drugstore orange lipstick that I would recommend, I would have to say  Revlon Colorburst in Coral or Milani Mandarina, I have swatched these both and found them to be pretty similar to both of the aforementioned :)

To Oranges, Tangerines, Clementines and everything else orange!,


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