Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cute Stuff to Pamper Your Pupp-eroni!

Ever since I was introduced to my little Princess (I have done a previous blog post about her if you all want to see pics etc) , I knew I would be spoiling her rotten! It's hard not to, they are so cute and small as puppies and just so cuddly :) Once in a while I will buy her some special things to add to her collection. Dog things, unfortunately, are just as expensive as some of the things I buy for myself! Oh well, the price you pay to make your loved ones look sassy right?! haha

Below I am going to share with you some of the things I found browsing a website that I love looking at dog things on. I have not necessarily bought any of these things...yet haha I just thought they were so cute, and wanted to share these with you!


How cute! A Leopard Harness with Rhinestones and a bow!

This is one of my favorites, a pink harness with angel wings. Your pup looks like a little angel just struttin' their stuff haha
Doggie Diaper
I never "fixed" my dog, so she needs to wear a diaper twice a year lol It's embarrassing enough for her so I figure why not at least make it a SUPER cute diaper! These are absolutely adorable, so fashionable :)
My FAVORITE Dog Conditioner!

This is the ONLY conditioner I have ever used on my Princess since she was born, that's 8 years! It smells amazing without being too much, and leaves her coat so smooth and fluffy without leaving a heavy residue like many other conditioners do. Its truly worth EVERY penny. A little goes a long way, and she definitely deserves the best :)

Have fun shopping for your pooch, and spoil them, they deserve it! xox

All of the things listed above can be found here

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